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Pirate Captain
Kat'ra Smart Kat'ra Smart Waitin factory approval for the ship, as for mission loot, plunder, pillage, anything else, bring in credits and loot, and if it happens to kriff up the Eternal Empire's plan so much the better.

Mondo Ohnaka Mondo Ohnaka I'm always open to new business opportunities, and of course, we shall keep to the code
Pirate Captain
Mission: disrupt shipping and naval operations, the primary enemy is the eternal empire, assists enemies of EE in exchange for weapons and credits or the like, any other criminal activity, keep to the code.

"Welcome aboard the Devils Reach, me hearties, strap in for a lief of adventure, credits, and booze Yo ho ho."

Dangerous Beauty
I had started on a piracy/salvage thread, but it fizzled out. I'm game to try again if you need technical assistance. My heart belongs to Darkwire, but I'm open for any kind of adventure where I can utilize my skillset.

Heath Valhoun

King of The Elysium Empire
The Elysium Empire is interested in striking some kind of deal...perhaps your crew does a few deeds for us and we give you some credits (Or Elysium credits if you believe we're rising and will one day rule over the galaxy.) and safe haven in our fleet.

Jobs would include:

*Raiding The CIS, New Imperial Order, and Eternal Empire

*Stealing technology and ships to help Elysium Efforts

*Escorting Elysium convoys

*Smuggling supplies to Elysium-backed rebels on various planets across the galaxy.