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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
The Great Arena

Ashin went down on a knee, scooped up the sand, smelled old blood in it. She rose again and dusted off her hands, unsure why she'd done it. But an arena needed respect for what it was.

Many of the Force-users of the Fringe had gathered in this arena.

"Today," she yelled at them, the Force enhancing her voice, "I will teach you the greatest lessons of the Force."

@[member="Tarika Sadow"] @[member="Subject 13"] @[member="Lucien Cordel"] @[member="Pandeima"] @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] @[member="Jared Ovmar"] @[member="Menoetius"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Sarkus Twin Kilborn"] @[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"] @[member="Valik"]

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Elijah rocked from side to side a little, keeping on the balls of his feet.

"Great," he murmured to himself. "An invitation from the Empress for Force training. As if I needed to be flattened."

Nevertheless, he showed up. Maybe he'd learn something.
Pandeima was a glutton for punishment, it seemed... That was the only reason why she'd come back to Ashin after getting the hell beaten out of her by said Varanin and her lover, Spencer Jacobs. Currently, she was still in a state of tormentuous fury, and if forced to fight someone, would certainly show no mercy. Less than no mercy, actually...

"Let's do this." She whispered to herself, eager to soak up even more knowledge with her sponge-like mind.
13 For reasons not even he knew. For once, he was actually early to something. The first one there so it appeared. Him being representatives of the knights people had started nagging him to be more punctual instead of blowing everything off. So here he was, sitting up in the stands next to the arena looking at the women known as Ashin smelling the blood stained sand. The boys eyes remained on the ground as his expression remained cold. The boy wore lightweight cargo pants with black knee pads and military training boots along with his jacket with a fur laced collar. He crossed a leg over his knee and leaned back with his arms behind the heads of the seats. Snow white hair hung over his forehead just past his eyebrows as he sighed and looked up at the sky, not really paying attention when Ashin began to yell as the others piled in. He remained in the back of the class out of sight thus out of mind as he daydreamed.

He did not know who this women was although he heard rumors. And threatening as she seemed 13 really could not bring himself to care not matter how scary or powerful she was. Some things he simply could not understand...some called him foolish but to him it was a new kind of freedom to live without fear. But a prison to live without hope. Sacrificing his emotions made him a good candidate for making some decisions that required the absence of emotions. He sat there with his custom blade sitting in the crook of his arm. He just wanted to wait until this all blew over.

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Shinju looked around and kept her arms crossed while allowing her eyes to roam over the rest there. It was an odd assortment of people, her hair was tied up to show the neck guard and her enjoyable armor. Or in some cases lack of but a fully armored bodysuit with thin plasteel plates going to the shoulder and neck cover of durasteel hiding the mask mechanism. Her derriphan's were crossed on her back while the two sabers reamined clipped on her side. The slight tremble from the shard the god king Velok had given her tingled while it was in pain. She couldn't feed off all of it but the constant hum of it was enough to keep her going. "Always ready commander"
Lucien had made preparations to travel to Rattatak the minute the Grand Admirals message came through,It wasn't everyday A Grand Admiral and Member of the fringes big three summoned you and Lucien was not inclined to deny invitations from those more important than himself.

So he now found himself stood before the aged Rattatak Great arena As he walked through the crumbled archway flanked by a pair of servants who served a dual purpose,Firstly they were there for show but secondly they were there to hold his coat and Jacket.He stopped just short of the last row of seating and raised his arms at either side.This was the signal for one of the pair to remove his coat and then his jacket.He didn't turn to face his staff but he did issue a set of orders "wait with my ship ... and don't crease the jacket or your family will pay" Having spoke his first and Last really sentence of the day to his servants he walked forward into the main body of the arena.He took a quick glance around the arena he was not the first Prophet to arrive.He came to a stop and executed a quick bow to the Lady he knew as the Lord Admiral Shira Karrde "I am open to your teachings Lord Admiral"

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
What a crowd. Pandeima and her boytoy, Shinju the Butcher, the gentleman Cordel, and Subject Thirteen.
Three experienced Knights, two boys. It would be enough.

Ashin gestured, and the distant doors of the huge arena closed, sealing them in. Perhaps others had gotten into the arena and she would see them later. For the moment, she had only these five to deal with.
"Welcome to the Grand Arena of Rattatak, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Grand Admiral Karrde, and I'm here to teach you the most important lesson you'll ever learn.

"The battles you've faced have been against terrible things, deadly forces, but if you ever hope to win a war in the larger galaxy, you'll need to learn this lesson." She raised her hands. "How to survive against someone infinitely more powerful than you. You have no hope of defeating me. Your goal is merely to be the last one to be knocked unconscious. I doubt you can repel or resist my lightning; your job is to deflect some with your lightsabres, and avoid the rest with very quick, very instinctive movement."

A storm of lightning exploded from her hands -- the kind of lightning only a high-level Master could conjure. It filled the entire arena with massive, mobile arcs of electricity. The arena had become a deadly obstacle course -- the only objective, survival.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
He managed to get a lightsaber up in time to block the beam coming his way.

Being a plant, lightning would just go right through him, without affecting him. Much. Other than, of course, leaving a nice burn scar.

Gritting his teeth, he pushed forward, pushing against the lightning, trying to get to where he could possibly out-maneuver her.

Then a thought occurred to him.

Last one standing...

maybe I can trip someone up...

With that frame of mind, he began to work his way to another student.
Lucien reacted quickly,He raised his Lightsaber up to provide a barrier between his vital organs and the electricity however he knew it was only a temporary measure and that unless he found a more permanent solution he would fall victim to the Lord admirals power.He had plans,plots and schemes running through his head.Not were workable with the exception of one a human/Plant hybrid shield He needed someone less powerful than him.His brown eyes settled on @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] the one apprentice in the arena.He diverted a fraction of his focus into seizing Elijah.The Lightning pushed him back as dust billowed around his feet.He attempted to drag the padawan into the firing line.He remained emotionless,Some would feel remorse some would feel proud but Lucien felt nothing this was purely a calculated move to extend his existence.

(@[member="Elijah Rowlin"] feel free to not get used as Luciens shield,I only did it because it is what he would do )

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
(@[member="Lucien Cordel"] 'S cool, bro, I was coming your way anyway.)

He felt a little pull towards Lucien, and his heel got slightly off-balance. A tendril of power managed to snake past his saber, and nicked him on the shoulder.

Well, time to get dirty fighting, then.

Utilizing his abilities, he turned bright green, suddenly, hoping to throw Lucien off.

At the same time, he told a tree outside to begin to grow... into the arena... slowly...
Shinju looked up as the lightning came and was glad of one thing as she raised her arms to form an x... She had invested and gotten rubber, lots of rubber. After Marek's attack on the ship she had needed to handle that weakness. Now she started to move around not using the helmet. It would just make her a lightning rod while her hand held the saber. She could feel the hum of the shards pain as finally she stopped and it activated with a snap hiss letting a wail out in the force then just barely audible like a whisper. She brought the blood red blade up as lightning slammed into it and her lips curled back into a laughing shudder of enjoyment. Oh this was going to be fun.

Ares Terix

Ares Terix was standing in the very back of the group looking them over when he heard the doors close. The minutes they shut he used the force and summoned his double bladed light saber to his hand and ignited it the black blade springing forth. He grinned as he spun the blade lightly using it to deflect a strand of lightning as he started to move calmly forward focusing on predicting where the lightning would strike next.

As he moved he passed by a series of other knights and apprentices a small smirk crossing his lips as he debated distracting them but to do that. He stops as he notices two people already going at it. He let a small smirk cross his lips as he started to jog towards them gathering the force within himself he leapt over a strand of lightning barely missing it as he sent a force push towards @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] and @[member="Lucien Cordel"]. As he was just an apprentice it wasn't very strong but they seemed to be fully involved in a duel and he hoped that his attack would catch them by surprise.
Well then wasn't this interesting. The lesson being taught today was survival against an opponent stronger than yourself? Well this was a very simple task then. 13's instincts acted on survival above all else and him being a fraction would he already had an idea of what to do. When Ashin shut the large doors made of metal and a giant ball of lightning formed in the palm of her hand. In a instant streams of electricity stormed around the whole arena creating a mirage of obstacles. 13 witnessed as everyone suddenly scrambled and became live wires as Ashin stood confidently in the center. 'Well at least its effective enough to get everyone moving...' 13 thought to himself as a streams came from the side directed at his neck. 13's expression remained unchanged as his whole body suddenly when from a seated position to a cartwheel. With he stream going past his neck in a erratic fashion 13 landed on his feet and did a bunny hop to avoid another. 13 grumbled to himself and closed off his mind from the world.

Focus...he had to focus in this chaotic situation. He needed to create a defense...but what? He looked over and saw everyone else completely losing their minds...a sudden shock zapped 13 onto the ground and he grunted. Looking up in impatience he got back onto one knee and checked his surroundings. He needed to be smart to survive. Not strong...noticing the ground was made of stone 13 nodded and stood up. Taking a deep breath 13 lifted his foot high and stomped. Focusing most of his energy to devastate the ground beneath him with force shock-wave 13 witnessed he broken earth break apart in the jagged shape of a sharp surf board. Rolling with it 13 closed his eyes and lifted it so the sharp tip was facing the ground. When he opened his eyes he saw a stream go for his legs and 13 grunted. Jumping into the air to barely avoid it he lifted both hands and slammed the chunk of earth back to the ground. Creating a pillar shape sticking up. 13 landed behind it as the electricity smacked into the stone and avoided him all together. Pulling out his light-sabers and hiding behind it 13 began to slice away at the ground just beneath it vigorously in multiple patterns. Staying safely behind his sturdy wall.

@Tarika Sadow @Subject 13 @Lucien Cordel @Pandeima @Elijah Rowlin @Jared Ovmar @Menoetius @Morna Imura @Sarkus Twin Kilborn@Shinjū Aÿasha @Valik @Ashin Varanin

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
As the doors closed she used force speed to bypass them and then kept it up nearing @[member="Ashin Varanin"], the admiral has her back to Tarika and even though Commodore Sadow would never fight against an opponent with their back to her she continued to ran toward the senior officer and then sprung into the air and gathered the force into her hand, she had a plan to force the admiral out of her comfort zone which was the lightening and help the team just a tad.

As she continued to gather the force she began to descend as her trajectory was intended for the admirals back and her hand and body gathering in the force, as she came down she used a force throw into the ground hoping it was enough to either distract the admiral or to pop her into the air, Tarika slammed hard into the ground and seen the dust of sand scatter across the field and looked directly at the admiral, her blade was still on it's hilt and then she rose waiting for her trick to work.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

Lightning everywhere.

Telekinetic blasts washed over Ashin, battering her, but she kept up the immense lightning storm. The storm curled around the barrier Subject Thirteen had made -- he had wasted a great deal of energy. Seeing as Elijah was still mostly water as a plant, and the electricity travelled through his entire body, he'd be having far too much trouble to effectively plant surge a distant tree. And since Ashin's lightning was a pure manifestation of the Dark Side, not merely electricity, Shinju's rubber suit didn't do a heck of a lot either.

The name of the game was evasion, quickness, instinct. There was no real way to cheat.
Pandeima had experienced this lightning once before. It had hurt like hell, and she had grown a tad bit resistant to it... but not truly resistant. It was with that that she mostly stayed behind the others, choosing to let them absorb the shock of power.

"Oh my, but this is going to hurt, isn't it..."

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
[SIZE=medium]Elijah was beginning to falter. Tsk, tsk, and so early too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]He stumbled again, unaided by anyone. He was fighting a losing battle...[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]But if he wanted to earn respect, he'd have to actually earn it. By outlasting.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]The tree still grew, but at a very slow rate. He'd have to wait for some time before it would actually be of some use. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Keeping the saber between him and the lightning, he edged for the wall of the arena, to get leverage. If he could manage to create a diversion, he might be able to break free long enough to knock someone out.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Stumbling again, he caught another lightning bolt on his leg. Sucking in a breath, he told it to heal, continuing a limp towards the fringe of the one-sided battle.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Drawing deep within himself, he 'looked around' inside his mind for the Force. He had raw power enough, but no way to harness it.[/SIZE]

Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
He stepped into the arena later than he had hoped but then again, he didn't find out about the training until recently. He had been at the bar from the most of the day, he slapped his face and pulled himself together, he could see that this training was a serious matter and he looked around curious at what everyone was doing.

This was one reason he hated being late to everything but it couldn't be helped. He was wearing his casual Sith attire, not his armour and mask. He clenched his fist and then saw a lightening strike attack him, he jumped to the side. Then another came after him, he dare not attempt to harness such energy as he instinctively deflects the lightening before it hits him.

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Tarika stood behind the admiral as she sent volleys of lightening at everyone and then noticed @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] limping trying to make it away, this only upset her since he was indeed a newer force user and still very new to his own abilities, as she leapt toward him she landed directly in front of him and then felt the force telling her about the lightening arc coming straight for them, she instinctively gathered the force quickly and sent a force throw into the arc forcing it to shoot violently at it's maker, @[member="Ashin Varanin"] was about to have her own lightening violently streaming into her own body.

As she stood there she sent her own senses awry into the force scanning for anymore hidden threats and when she seen none she looked back at @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] Can you move? I need you to get out of here now! she ordered as she kept a watch over him.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
He glanced up at her. "I'm...fine," he said through gritted teeth. "I asked for I'm getting it. I'll stay fighting until I lose consciousness. Please... leave me before I have to take you down as competition..." She had been kind enough to help him out, and he'd rather not pay it back with a swing and a kick to her legs.

Another bolt managed to graze his shoulder, and he sucked in a breath, a small trickle of sap running down, soaking into his shirt. "Go...please...don't tempt me...."

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