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Omega Protectorate & Mandalorian Monthly Check-In 19JAN2014

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Major Faction Monthly Check-In

  • Please check in only with active characters that are being role-played. All characters require a bio.

  • You must post the complete, full name of the Major Faction you're checking in for with zero misspelling. (Do not use acronyms.)

  • When replying to the Monthly Check-In thread, please list the Major Faction your character represents. Each character may represent only one Major Faction.

  • Each character must post in their own account. One may not post with just one account for all subaccounts.

  • The requirement for Major Factions is 7 unique members.

  • You must have more than 50 posts to check in for a Major Faction.

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina


Merc with a Mouth
Omega protectorate
Due to a lack of input towards roleplay and faction contributions this month (taken from the beginning of January) the following check-ins are considered invalid and as such will be removed to keep this thread and the member counts up to date;

@[member='Miles Varden'], @[member='Cira'], @[member='Thane'] and @[member='Aoyoshi Kinkawa']

@[member='Mirta Kar'], @[member='Kila Cadau'], @[member='Kadala Skirata'] @[member='Gilamar Skirata'] and @[member='Verz Horak']

If you wish to check in for a Faction then be sure to roleplay your character. It does not benefit your Faction to only appear during check-ins and doing next to know roleplay to keep them afloat.

As it stands both of these Factions are lacking in the required number to keep them at Major status; you have one week (until the 31st) to remedy this and provide active characters for check in.
@[member="Corvo Anattolius"]

As mentioned above, those who are deemed inactive characters within the month (January) will not count toward the check in. One IC post does not equate activity, as such the post has been removed for validity purposes; you have until the 31st to show yourself to be active.
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