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Oh H-E-double hockey sticks!


Like Lightning
Alright guys. I have an idea that I would like to exploit. However, I will need a few people to join me. Mainly from the Fringe and Sith. I will be starting a many part series where Morna will be tested past what he has ever thought. Ending with something that could change alot of things around here.

Morna will be part of a team that decides to explore how the force made itself. and how human's and other species came into being. This planet will be called as it's code name of "Devils paradise" as it is not even Canon and will probably not be used later on. (If I need a thread for this then I can do one, but I don't think that I need one) The group that I am with will have to fight beasts, and possibly another species, I am wanting to try and keep all of this somewhat secretive as I would like a surprise.

If anybody is interested SAY SO!

People coming:
1. @[member="Kayla Zorg"]
2. @[member="Lexa Kimene"]

Hannibal Oryen

Slick Fondorian
You can say hell. Han Solo said it once. It's cool.


Like Lightning
Hannibal Oryen said:
You can say hell. Han Solo said it once. It's cool.
I know, just felt like having a longer title than just "Oh hell"

Kayla Zorg said:
@Morna Imura I might be interested, could help me to make Kayla active once again..
Okay, I'll add you.

Count Aretine said:
Who assembled this team and why are they going to that planet specifically?
Currently I am, Morna is a person that loves to look for reasons, and information. so with the blessing of the Fringe, He can get people from the Sith, and the Fringe, or anyone who is dark sided, and put them together to "discover" the start of life. So Morna will be leading.

Lexa Kimene said:
You know I'm in.
yes I do.

Joshua DragonsFlame said:
What now?