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Official LoA


The army of threads I have yet to do, where when one finishes, another pops up immediately after, is running my muse and creative writing dry. It's become more of a chore than a hobby to reply to threads now, and I keep worrying all too much about the eventual growth of the Dominion. I tried forcing it, but that only made it worse. I've sucked the life and fun out of roleplaying quicker than it can regenerate. It's making me stressed, and that stress is alleviating around others. :/

I'm taking a week or two (or several) off to regain myself.... I'm not going to be posting in anything that is not immediately relevant, that currently being the dominion of a planet(s) and eventually, the little event I had planned shortly after. Everything else will have to be put on hold.
That is not to say that I won't IC post here and there between, but if I do, it is only because my muse to reply on that character to that thread had piqued for one reason or another. It won't be because I had to, it will be because I wanted to and had fun doing it.

If I already have you added on Skype, I'm there if ya need me. Anyways, I'll be lurking as always, most likely.

Sorry to any whom I owe posts, both small and large.

It's good to take a break, sometimes. As a long-time roleplayer, I am well aware of this fact. I think you're doing a good thing for yourself by taking this step, Vulpy, and I hope you come back refreshed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Until then, take all the time you need. Your muse needs aftercare after all that abuse, after all. ;)