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Twins, attached at the hip.
"Hello! My sister Ivy and I could use some help."

"Yes! You see we are Force sensitive siamse twins and that has given us some...."

"...unwanted attention. One look at us and you can see that we aren't really capable of defending ourselves."

"We have a terrific bodyguard that can help us against a lot of people that want to hurt us. Or use us for experiments."

"But we lack the skills needed to protect ourselves against other Force Sensitives."

"Is there someone out there that could help us? We can pay."

"Yes, for don't believe the rumours. We are not slaves to Broka. We are employees."

"If anyone is interested, we'd be happy to meet with you at one of Broka's Palaces."

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Empress of Akarui
wuvs on the multiple Torgruta listed above <3

"I am indeed, as there is a whole planet who look like me...and I do not know to be honest. My kin and I have a higher affinity for the Force, with only a few like myself, who's power actually comes to fruition."
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Twins, attached at the hip.
"We might need permission for that. Usually when we are allowed to leave, it is for politics or for contracts for the Black Sun."

"Maybe in time we'll be allowed Vulpesen Vulpesen . But for now we can learn at home."