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Oderint Dum Metuant | First Order Invasion of Mustafar Hex | Conclusion


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Invasion - Conclusion
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As you all know, the First Order's Invasion of the Galactic Alliance held Mustafar Hex has recently come to a close. The past two days (And prior days/weeks) the RPJ's have been working hard to read through and collectively discuss the invasion according to the criteria found in the Invasion Rules - a total of over 800 Posts between the Ground and Fleeting Threads! That's a lot of posts!
Before I let you know what the results were, I just wanted to get a few things out of the way. Everyone, Everyone put forth a great effort! While we didn't break the "Largest Thread" title with this one, we put up a pretty staggering amount of posts in that first week between both First Order and Galactic Alliance & Allies!
Thank you everyone for participating, as the first Hex Invasion since the rule change (Well, the first hex invasion ever really) I think we learned a lot about what worked well, and what to change for next time - I'm sure if anyone has questions both the admins of the First Order and the Galactic Alliance would be willing to offer suggestions and ideas to the interested as more and more Major Factions are cropping up! So thanks everyone for participating. While not required, I try to pay attention to all the posts as best I can and while I'm inclined to know more about the areas I am personally writing in, I got to catch some wonderful stories outside of my "Engagement Zones" that made me laugh, smile, even a few that hit me right in the feels! I also want to applaud everyone on working things out with people, there were no IC reports in either thread! Everyone did a great job at communicating with each other, regardless of their faction or affiliation - I LOVE it when people can write collaborative stories together in a way that's as they say 'Salt Free'!

On that note - Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back and breathe a sigh of relief as we get back to writing our stories and dealing with the aftermath of the Invasion! Without further ado - the winning faction of the Mustafar Hex invasion is... Drum Roll Please...

P.S. EGADS! I meant to mention the OSL - thanks for adding to the ambiance and complexity of the writing, you guys were pretty awesome to read as well!

​The First Order
Congratulations to the First Order and allies! As well, we'd like to thank EVERYONE for your participation in both the ground and fleeting threads - keep up the amazing stories!
[member="Natasi Fortan"] | [member="Torian Pierce"] | [member="Samka Derith"] ---O--- [member="Jacen Voidstalker"] | [member="Liliane Lancaster"] | [member="Taeli Raaf"]
Brilliant writing by all - I've not done many invasions in my 3yrs here, but this has been one of the most enjoyable. No OOC drama, just good ol' fashioned writing, collaboration and entertaining story telling!

Congrats to my allies in the FO and in turn [member="Natasi Fortan"] [member="Torian Pierce"] [member="Samka Derith"] and [member="Rolf Amsel"] for their guidance, support and great ideas.

Kudos also to [member="Jacen Voidstalker"] [member="Liliane Lancaster"] [member="Taeli Raaf"] et al for their cooperation, fun and great leadership.

I thank all you who wrote with me and against me, and you really made it enjoyable. Thank you. :)

Here's to the next one! Long live the First Order.

I had a blast with all my battle buddies. :D

Aeron and Jude fight was hilarious. Micah and family issues were also fun. Plus, of course, having *this chica* having to deal with the mining airspace and crashing.

Now to start thinking about how to roll out the ending!
[member="Jaina Ventor"] | [member="Cyrus Tregessar"]

My team and I would like to continue operations on The Malice. We're stuck on the ship but we still have a pretty great asset and the fact that the ship was now hit by your own fleet.

We'd like to continue the fun in a thread and either escape or try to hijack The Malice and just tell a fun story.

Would you be down for this?

Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
Congratulations to you lot!

It was certainly fun to take part, even if I wasn't exactly in the thick of it like everyone else. ^_^

Oh, and cheers for letting us OSL folks take part.

And thank you for the kind words [member="Rolf Amsel"]. :D
skin, bone, and arrogance
Aram Kalast said:

I just...I'm so damn proud to see little FO banners. I know my name means naught in the faction these days but well done. Well damn done!
Your name doesn't mean naught, [member="Aram Kalast"].


JK - we will always owe you a debt of gratitude for starting us off :)
Congratulation FO on the victory, you got some mighty fine writers there. As allies of the GA I would like to thank [member="Aran Piett"] for sticking it out with us in fleeting and making a fun show of it. Know I threw some "unique" challenges up and appreciated your sportsmanship. Looking forward to writing with you again.

RIP Carlyle Rausgeber

"It's all been bloody marvellous..."
Woo! Congratulations! Special thanks to my boy [member="Natasi Fortan"] and the GA writers for being so nice and cooperative. I reitrate my apology for not posting as much in fleeting, and having robbed you GA fleeters of that. That being said, #PaintItBlack!
Great writers on both sides.

[member="Aran Piett"] and Jaina, thanks for throwing up some opposition to the boarding party. Opposition is what makes it fun and worth writing.

I don't think the win was determined for fleeting or where I was with Tahee, so I'll have to go back and read more of the other stories (or maybe it was). For the parts I read in the other areas, definitely enjoyed the end of Jamie and Castor, Danny's character dressing up as fake Darth Vader and trying to scare FO, and Kreelan and the love-darted opponent.

And next time FO, watch out! Errrbody's gonna be dressed in hot-pink Darth Vader armor.

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