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Approved Tech Octarchy Covenant Armor

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Lord Commander

  • Intent: To create a suit of armor for Voph's most trusted Knights Obsidian, the Octarchy Covenant.
  • Image Source: HERE
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  • Permissions: HERE
  • Primary Source: Lord Commander Armor

  • Classification: Force-Master’s Armor
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
    • Blasters: High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Sonic: High
    • EMP/Ion: High
    • Elemental: Low
    • Electric: Low
    • Force: High
    • Acid: High
    • Pressure: None
    • Radiation: Very Low
    • Extreme Heat: High
    • Extreme Cold: Average

    • Sensor Array (Located in Ocular nodes)
    • Communications Array
    • Real-time Translator (Speaking or Hearing)
    • Utility Belt w/ Data Crystal
    • Electro-Magnetic boot clamps
  • Force Imbuement: The armor is imbued with the Force, hardening it against offensive Force powers and conferring benefits to the wearer.
    • Helmet:
      • Passively channels Control Pain, allowing the wearer to withstand Stun Blasts, and passively ignore a greater threshold of pain.
    • Pauldrons:
      • Passively channels Force Drain, allowing the wielder to heal to a minor degree each time an attack is landed against an enemy. This ability can only mend superficial wounds, and cannot prevent or reverse fatal blows.
    • Chestplate:
      • Passively channels an offshoot of Tutaminis, allowing the wearer to mitigate or flat out block an attack through the Force, depending on the level of focus. Once spent, this ability must recharge again.
    • Cloak:
      • Passively channels an offshoot of Tutaminis, making the user immune to any type of controlling abilities (Stasis, Push, etc) for a few seconds after utilizing Force Leap.
    • Gauntlets:
      • Passively channels Battle Precognition, allowing the wearer to better predict his opponent's next actions.
    • Greaves:
      • Passively channels Force Stealth, completely masking the sound of the wearer's footfalls.

  • Weaponized: The gauntlets host an array of weapons, making the armor just as much a tool of offense as it is a tool of defense.
  • Force Imbued: The armor is imbued with a number of Force Abilities, some of which date back to the era of Revan, boosting the wearer's already considerable combat prowess.
  • Shields: The armor is built with the inclusion of two different shield generators, allowing for increased offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Juggernaut: The material used in the armor offers very high defense against lightsabers and kinetic attacks.
  • Alchemy: While not as tuned as the armor from which this series is based, the Alchemy still offers uniform benefits across the entire suit, but without the debilitating weight that most species might find the original posessed.
  • Sensor Package: The Sensor Package allows vision across a variety of spectrums, ensuring that the Covenant Member wearing the armor can always spot their target.

  • Force Imbued: When subjected to Force Suppression, the effectiveness of the armor diminishes.
  • Passives: The Passive imbued into the cloak only works against certain Force Powers. It has no effect against technological methods that induce the same effects.
  • EMP: A number of systems will cease to function properly if subjected to an EMP wave.
  • Flamable: The armor houses an Isotope 5 core that powers the electronics. If this node is punctured, the results will be explosive.

Created in the wake of the Lord Commander Armor, Voph wanted to ensure that those that stood with him would have ample defense against whatever may come. The Octarchy Covenant have been silent defenders of galactic Civilization since the dawn of the Dread Wars nearly five thousand years ago. And though they do not hold the power or influence they once did, the Octarchy have fought and died all the same. For so long as there was but one person to carry the flame, the creed still stood. This armor was designed to be worn by those who would be summoned to give their lives to defend others. To hold the line when no others could. And to finish the fight when all others had fallen.

Upon the right shoulder of the armor is inscribed the creed of the Octarchy Covenant, though in a tongue unknown to modern minds. The Chosen Seven that stand with Voph were selected for a multitude of reasons, their skill, ability, and dedication being the forefront. To see this armor is to know that the chosen elite have arrived. Expertly crafted by the Lord Commander himself, this armor is only the basis for what his Chosen will wear. For the armor is only as good as the individual that dons it...
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Here's the maths for it

Semi Unique -3
High +1
Very High +2
Very High +2
Low -1
High +1
Low -1
Low -1
None -3
Average 0
None -3
Very Low -2
High +1
None -3
= -10, wow I was even off with my maths, but I hope that helps
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