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Notice of Departure - Circe Savan

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
We've all seen plenty of examples of Circe IC'ly screwing over the faction for personal gain, or just making it very clear that she was only showing up to faction things for herself. That's the character, I can respect that. IC, then, it's become impossible for the faction to keep making allowances for what she does. The writer has admitted to writing 'antagonistically against the faction', and it makes no sense to bow to that when he joins threads with the intent of making them about himself at everyone else's expense. Faction staff have tried everything over the last several months, without result. For those of you concerned with fairness, note that this was at least Mark's third or fourth strike, if not more - we've tried to be very accommodating and we hate to eject people. Faction admin discussion was split until recently, so both sides of the debate were well represented. This isn't some emotional, spur-of-the-moment thing, but we shouldn't take it as some immense evil or whatever. This isn't a huge deal, and if possible, let's move on from this as soon as possible.

Things that WILL happen:
  • Circe Savan has been removed permanently from the faction
  • Her Maw Irregular Fleet remains Fringe faction property as per discussion with the Sith Empire faction admins, the previous OOC owners

Things that will NOT happen:
  • OOC vindictiveness or bullying
  • A faction bounty on Circe - no reason to prolong the drama, you llamally lot
  • A dominion of Serpena - it's in the TGE neutral zone, and we're not touching it