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Rhuza Meldonus Kingpriest (WIP)

Elegant and depraved.
Rhuza Meldonis Kingpriest

NAME: Rhuza Meldonus Kingpriest
Alias: Darth Helios
FACTION: Helios claims allegiance to no one, though he has to various factions in the past.
Titles: Hand of the Dark Lord(Former)(One Sith)
Rank: Sith Lord
SPECIES: Eldorai
AGE: 420 GSY

WEIGHT: 175 lbs
EYES: Golden, with red flecks
HAIR: Silver with blond ends
SKIN: Pale and discolored
LANGUAGE: High Galactic

Likes: Women with strong will, exhibits of power, challenging duels, beautiful scenery.
Dislikes: Irrational promises, exhibits of weakness, space, poorly structured meals.
POSTURE/WALK: Usually perfect posture; proud walk
BUILD: Very athletic, more muscle mass than average; cut

Weaknesses, and Strengths:

Master Conjurer: Rhuza displays an incredible amount of competence in the arts of energy conjuration. Including but not limited Spear of Midnight Black and destructive Force Orbs.

Beast's Agility- Rhuza's speed is well refined and practiced, combined with his mastery over several lightsaber forms and his own practiced techniques with his personal spear, Severous.

Intelligence- Despite his harsh upbringing and violent attitude, Rhuza has a certain knack for deductive reasoning, as well as being an astute judge of character, especially in the dark side of the morality spectrum. He's also incredibly patient, observant, and displays excellent problem solving skills.

Selfishness- Rhuza will ensure his own safety over everyone in any situation one could fathom. His health is his main priority, along with his freedom and his will to be individualistic and move without the weight of chains upon him. Anything that threatens this will undoubtedly draw an undesired reaction from the Sith Lord.

Other Flaws: Rhuza has no technical knowledge of medical training, either through mundane practices or the Force. He rarely receives cuts(due to all the lightsaber swinging) So the sight of blood, particularly coming from his own body, could cause him to momentarily lose his composure and panic. He's also impossibly arrogant, deceitful, manipulative, condescending and susceptible to physical attacks as he refuses to wear hard armor. He's also scatterbrained, gets distracted easily and very often gets lost in his thoughts or when in the midst of beautiful scenery .



Force Abilities:

Mentalism: Rhuza shows little to no knowledge of offensive Mentalism techniques, although he has formidable defenses against them.

Alter/Control: Rhuza is an expert conjurer, shows great knowledge of barrier techniques, as well as being an accomplished practitioner of Crucitorn, Stasis Field and Telekinesis. He also possess knowledge of abilities which enhance his body such as Force Speed, Jump, etc.

Sorcery: Rhuza has knowledge of imbuing techniques, incantations, alchemy, runes, and rituals.

Lightsaber Forms: Novice/Adelpt/Master/Expert

Form I: Master
Form 2: Master
Form 3: Expert
Form IV: Expert
Form V: Master
Form VI: Master
Form VII: Master




Helios' devotion to the Dark Side has affected his appearance in multiple ways. The most obvious being the complete absence of color in his skin. He is a pale, ghastly creature with slender, bony digits for fingers and a sleek frame, built of mostly muscle and very little fat. The only color his body seems to retain is hair, although the majority is in fact silver it does darken to gold near the ends. His eyes are gold, with irises larger than that of humans, although they tend to fluctuate to a fiery orange when he becomes emotional enough.

Helios bears the tattooed scars of a Sith cult long gone. A relic of the past, Helios embodies the old ways, although he chose to go further than just ink. The most notable of these scars is the straight line crossing his nose, reaching from cheek to cheek. At the temples of his head are circular markings, as well as more complex shapes being found at the back of his neck and torso. Although the average observer wouldn't know where to place their origin, anyone who's studied Sith text would notice him to be a walking hieroglyphic.

Helios' eyes and mouth are tinted very dark, appearing blue or black depending on light and health. These appear to be both a physical embodiment of the darkness that consumes him as well as a means to heighten the ferocity of his appearance and magnify his ability to see and move about in the dark.


BIOGRAPHY: This bio is mostly irrelevant to Rhuza's actual storyline as far as his rise, fall, and path of corruption. This is an ALTERNATE BIO. I've had this guy since 2007, and frankly I don't have the will to dig through my documents and refit them to the site :p
Origins(Looking to Nothing)
Given the name Helios at birth, he was brought into this galaxy by a couple who were deep in the world of criminal doings. Helios' parents were a dangerous pair of cut-throats, spies, and assassins. From the time he was able to walk, he was immediately brought into this violent world. Helios would go on to experience a very rough childhood, with his parents being pure Eldorai, Helios in turn would be raised as both a dignitary and a warrior, his only friends being the ones he made up and his only teachers to be his parents. Fortunately, however, he was taught very well by them, being tutored in high galactic, mathematics, and conventional history. Education came routinely and in time he also learned various languages, unarmed combat, stealth, and fire-arm training.

Helios' mother and father were the extension force of a minor criminal organization known simply as The Guild. As was procedure, when he became of age, Helios was forced to join. By this time he'd been so broken by his own parents that he had little desire to turn away from the lifestyle so he embraced everything that came with open arms. By the time he was 18 Helios had fully embraced the life of the Reaper and had been dubbed by the Guild to be the "Perfect Killer" one who had no love interests, no identity, no friends, and no mercy.

When he was still loyal to the Guild, Helios took on a mission to assassinate presumably a Jedi Master whom had been interfering with trades in the outer rim. This mission, however, ended in failure due to the might of the Jedi's Force techniques. Despite the insurmountable danger faced in the mission, what awaited his return to the Guild was the stigma and harsh punishment associated with the failure of his objective. In response to this treatment, a wrong levied against an assassin who had put life and limb on the line for his Guild, Helios came to hold a violent hatred for his organization as he escaped from imprisonment. From the age of 19-21 he made a living off bounty hunting, then eventually met a contractor named Jared with whom he created a Partner-Guild with.

Originally, Helios would place himself among the hitmen, cut-purses, and lesser assassins, but Jared forbade it, claiming Helios would be a man amongst boys. The other mercs of the organization came to grow a hatred towards Helios not only for his skills but because of his apparent Talent. Sometimes he was able to move things without touching them, kill a man without contact if he was angered enough, or even cause inanimate objects to explode. Everyone but Jared called him a Witch, or even worse a Demon. It swelled Helios' already enlarged pride though, for he cared not what they thought, he only wished to study this entity called The Force. Apparently thats what his key to success was. This was his Talent.

Pursuit of Darkness(Lurid Ways to Recreate the Heart)
Helios researched the Force, its organizations, and its power. Striking a deal with Jared, to be released when a certain amount of Kills had been tallied in the Guild's Bingo Book and the path down what he discovered to be the Darkside, would begin. Helios came to the conclusion that the Jedi would most likely shun him before he could introduce himself, whether because of his profession or his spirit it mattered not, for his opportunity to live a better life was eradicated once he was conceived by his parents. After killing the persons required by Jared, Helios would find himself en route to Korriban...however the pull of the darkside drew him into a direction that defected from the known system.

Helios' ship continued on until he reached the Unknown Regions. It was here that his ship was attacked and disabled by a much larger cruiser, whom had hit Helios with an ion blast. Without power, the freighter was caught in the sector's gravity and was sent crashing down to the planet's surface, despite Helios' crew attempt at getting the power back on. The assassin's ship collided with a building in one of the cities and slammed into the planet's surface, knocking Helios into unconsciousness. Helios awoke, strapped to a torture table, all-of-a-sudden wanting nothing to do with the Sith. This was nothing of what he expected and his life as an assassin seemed all but insignificant to an acclimation he was sure would break him once more, as his parents did when he was a child. He could feel evil energy all around him and Helios instantly felt sick to his stomach. Through blurry eyes, he met a Sith Lord named Lord Raze whom questioned Helios of his origins and purpose and once all of Helios' knowledge was extracted, he deemed that Helios was not a threat and that his skills would be useful to the Empire. Despite his dark upbringing, Raze still took out the time to personally torture Helios on-end for two years, and after his will was completely broken was reborn as a Sith.

The Empire Helios was apart of in the Unknown Regions were a distinctive collective, whom favored attire and traditions more akin to that of much more older Sith(thus explains why Helios still wears a Sith Assassin Skirt). During his reign with Raze, Helios proved to be the greatest assassin of his time, eliminating pivotal figures to the galaxy at the command of Raze, while keeping his name in conversations that dealt with the origins of some of the Galaxy's largest wars. Helios, over the course of 10 years went from the rank of Apprentice up to a position that is more shrouded than any other in Sith Text, and it is that of the Emperor's Shadow. As the Shadow, Helios interacted with only the Emperor, whom also became the only person to supply Helios with commands and even his own personal knowledge. The Emperor, during Helios' servitude, entrusted Helios with intricate details of the Sith and years later would eventually let his guard down around Helios. This would be his downfall.

Deception(All I Did was Get Close to You)
Whereas the karma of the Emperor's commands came back to haunt him, it was a collective of Jedi like the empire had never seen that sought to end the Sith's influence. Raze attempted to compromise with the Jedi, but they in turned rejected the offer while also obtaining the location of Raze's planet. Helios would go on to never forget the weakness of his Superior and in turn, decided to kill him. The Jedi caught the Sith Cult by surprise, nearly wiping Raze's Empire out of existence overnight. In that pivotal moment, Raze ordered Helios to protect his Stasis Chamber until he arrived. Compliant at the moment, Helios guarded the entrance with a ferocity like any other. His lightsaber-staff moved in violent rotations of scarlet as he cut down Jedi after Jedi. When Raze approached the wake of death that littered the area around Helios, the Shadow escorted Lord Raze into the chamber where Helios jammed his lightsaber through Raze's vertebrae. With the only gesture Raze had the time to give, he gave Helios a faint smile before extending his hands towards the Stasis Pod, and bowing. Whilst bowing, the momentum carried him into the floor where he fell and died. Helios, whom worked so hard to make sure he got to this moment closed his eyes upon hearing the door to the chamber seal shut. He'd hoped that when he awoke, things would be...better for the Sith. For a time that failed to be recorded, Helios slept until his last acolyte died and his Stasis Field was released when the uncared-for-tech responsible for it's function corroded and imploded. Upon falling back into reality and out of the Limbo, Helios found that he had difficulty grasping reality as beings he created in the Limbo whilst being unconscious, stood around him talking as if they were real. Angered and irritated at his own insanity and his inability to control it, he released a massive amount of force energy from his body. The energy dissipated the illusions though in actuality there were Sith Ghosts. Helios took his time as scourged the ruins of an empire that was once a pinnacle of power, and once he came to terms with his re-awakening, took a ship from an underground bay and flew to known space, seeking out those whom would call themselves disciples of the Dark Side in the face of a True Sith.


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