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New guy with lore questions

So, evidently there’s a lot of Fanon running around here. And as I work out what I want to do I just wanted to know the current state of some of these planets/locations;



Choah Asteroid Belt



Also, if I’m allowed to toss in another question:

Is there any sort of map detailing where factions are located and what territory they control?
Spiky Elf Lover said:
Is there any sort of map detailing where factions are located and what territory they control?
Click here! Or just click where it says "map" in the top right corner of the desktop version. Not sure where it appears on mobile.

Leaving the rest of the planets for other people to answer about since I have no clue :)

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
[member="Spiky Elf Lover"]

If you are looking for information about Lore on Planets it will be a little difficult, but if your up for a read best bet would be to search each planet up in the search bar.

Going deeper, best to click the gear next to the search bar and narrow your search. Other then that, I have not personally been to some of these planets, so the state of them are somewhat unknown to myself.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
[member="Spiky Elf Lover"] A lot of fanon is left up to interpretation - we haven't exactly kept a detailed description of the past 800 years for each planet. :p

Some planets, like Brokellia (Corellia), have had extensive and dramatic events which have permanently shaped their futures on this site. Others, like Ithor, have been left relatively untouched from Legends canon. It varies wildly - the best way to check is to look in Approved Planets in the Codex, or just a general Forum check for major or minor events on each planet/system. You shouldn't have much to worry about though.

Happy storytelling!