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  1. Ham Salad

    Resolved Eternal Empire Ranks

    So for a while now, I have been planning on creating a character who is a trooper in the EE. Problem is, I can’t seem to find the basics on the EE basic soldier units. Where should I look for that?
  2. Loup-Garou

    Password reset question

    I can't remember my password, because apparently it was too good. This computer is set to remain logged in, but I'm unable to access my account elsewhere, and when I submitted a request to have a reset code e-mailed to me, I got nothing, even after several attempts. Can I get some help please...
  3. Kyyrk

    Private The Final Question

    V E R R O S Meditation had always been an escape. An escape from the impending sense of doom Voph felt hanging over him at all times. Ever since he was a child, there was a feeling. A feeling at the back of his mind. A feeling that something terrible was coming. That something was watching him...
  4. Tayl Vizsla

    Question Bringing the space western to chaos?

    Star Wars to me has always been one parts Jedi shenanigans and one parts space western, With rutheless bounty hunters, Gunslinging smugglers and lovely scenes like the mos esly cantina or basically the entire first season of the mandalorian. So for all the gunslingers, Samurai-Cowboys and...
  5. Brayad Normandy

    How to RP

    So I've been on this server a few days now, but I haven't learned how you RP on here yet, how exactly do you?
  6. Jake Fuga

    Policy on Piracy or Scavenging Fallen Faction Ships?

    -- Well the title really sums it up. -- What is the policy of Stealing/Scavenging/Rebuilding derelict ships from fallen factions such as the Lords of the Fringe, Omega Prye or the Galactic Republic? -- They had some pretty good ships and thinking of making a fleet of truly Karked Up Ships. An...
  7. Torjesgo

    Technically Challenged... About Me

    So I feel slightly dumb, more than slightly, that I can't figure out how to add the About Me section on my profiles.
  8. Torjesgo

    Updating/Editing Created Races/Planet

    I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to re-submit or if the Codex team can move it out to be edited/updated and re-evaluated. I'd like to get images re-added to the three below and after re-reading the Kaalonian species making a couple of minor tweaks to their species. Let me know the proper...
  9. Simple Dion

    Greetings and a Request?

    Greetings fellow StarWars lovers, maybe i am asking in the wrong place but still "Help me noble fellow Commenoris, You are my only Hope" I was researching about Commenor lore in general, since i will be mastering a pen and paper Star Wars D6 The Old Republic Campaign in a gaming srore in my area...
  10. W

    Questions about equipment for new character

    Hello, so I'm currently in the process of making a new character, is it common practice to use whatever is in the (approved) technologies in the factory as equipment, or should canon equipment be used, and, if I should use (approved) factory technologies is it good practice to ask the creators...
  11. XxkenykenxX

    What are the existing canon planets?

    I dont know how many canon planets that are still existing and a planet im going to use is Hoth. If Hoth is gone, can anyone recommend a good Ice planet?
  12. Nova Vause

    Could anybody help me with character creation?

    It has been a long long time since I was here last, it has been so long in fact, that I no longer remember any of my details at all from here. I would like to request someone who I can DM for any questions I may have, as well as help with backstory as that is the main problem I face when...
  13. Jake Fuga

    Chaos Fandom Wiki Creation

    -- I have been on an off Chaos for a pretty long time, (I know there are vets of this). But I kind of remember there being someone who suggested a Chaos Wiki some time ago. Did that ever get off the Ground or was is Smothered in its Sleep. I always liked the idea of little clipnotes of...
  14. Rekha Kaarde

    Smugglers Board

    I was wondering about starting a smugglers board that operates like the bounty board. Someone advertises for a smuggler with what the job is. Has this been tried...or is this considered something that is better handled just through private communication or through the roleplay discussion area?
  15. Dat1CanadianGuy

    Tagging People?

    Sorry to post so quickly again, but I’ve noticed in all the RPs I’ve been in that people are able to list / tag people they are role playing with. And I’ve looked over all the controls and the like for how to do it. How do I do it? Thanks. =]
  16. Dat1CanadianGuy

    Clones and Clone Commandos: Ok or Not?

    I was going to make a character with republic clone commando gear. And I just wanted to know if there is stuff in the lore for it (were clones and clone commandos used, and if so when), or if there really is no such thing here. I just checked the lore and didn't see anything about it, so I'm...
  17. Icepop213

    Market Question

    So I've been looking through the market and am a bit confused. How does money work on here, in the market as well as with bounties? Is that something I need to be keeping track of? Also, I sort of just wrote some weapons and stuff like that into my character sheet, not sure if that messes with...
  18. Renn Garrick

    Does this work?

    Could a staff tell me if this would work for a weapon. 500 m radius Unique Requires atmosphere to fire, and gravity determines how fast it goes downward Made for a 5000 m ship, no less Each ammo shell weighs 10 tons
  19. Talon Aegis

    Where do I find the balancing Spreadsheet?

    A bit curious but, where do I find the balancing spreadsheet. An example is Not mine, but what I'm looking for
  20. Hei Mozla

    Transferring Accounts Through Emails (?)

    Hello, fellow Chaos members. My current email is close to "expiring", meaning that my Writer and Character accounts will no longer exist afterwards. Is it possible to transfer my Writer and Characters in their entirety over to my alternate email, so I can retain all my progress? If so, how? If...