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New Check In!


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Alright, since the wipe ate up our last check in, I was charged by Cira with the new one, soo, here it goes:



What Commendations are you due?:


For example:
Name: HK-36

Position/Job: Second Lieutenant, Commander of Iron Company, Observer of Abregado-Rae, Lady Protector's Iron-Hard Love Toaster

What Commendations are you due?: Preferably, all of them

Comments/Requests: CIRA, YOU STILL OWE ME POSTS, get better soon :p

Delila Castillon

Name: Delila Castillon

Position/Job: Major Awesome

What Commendations are you due?: Many but I need to go through my threads and make a neat package for our hard working faction admins

Comments/Requests: None currently

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
Name: Noah Corek
Position/Job: Lieutenant,Captain of the Solomon and CO of the First Battalion,First Sniper Company

What Commendations are you due?: I don't really know and I can't find the thread about them.

Comments/Requests: Ceres Dominion


Disney's Princess
  • Name: Karen Roberts
  • Position/Job: Researcher SAAT, Corellia
  • What Commendations are you due?: Probably a billion. But we researchers will pass.
  • Comments/Requests: ...nope. Got nothing.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Name: Siobhan Kerrigan
Position/Job: Colonel, Omega Pyre.
What Commendations are you due? Well, I guess defeating Velok and getting crippled should have earned me something.
Comments/Requests: We need bigger guns. Our arsenal needs upgrading in terms of firepower.
Rebellious Vanguard
  • Name: Ventasia Terana
  • Position/Job: OP Strike Force, Negotiator
  • What Commendation are you due?: Whichever I've secretly written my name on. Those shall be given to me. Secretly, of course.
  • Comments/Requests: I need a new playmate...

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
Name: Moira Skaldi
Position/Job: Major, head of MICO
What Commendations are you due?: I work in the shadows, but my genius could get acknowledged.
Comments/Requests: Our foreign policy situation is problematic and must be fixed, I'd like the right to process my minions into HRDs and Kerrigan should stop sending her courtesans to my office!

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
Name: Kaida Taldir
Position/Job: Corporal, freezing annoying people.
What Commendations are you due? : I'm great, but not sure. Purple Heart would be a start.
Comments/Requests: Let's introduce absolute enactic succession!
Name: Maelion Liates
Position/Job: Purging undesirables
What Commendations are you due?: Most forbearant HRD of the year.
Comments/Requests: Moira to be processed.

Name: Lavina Taldir
Position/Job: Setting fire to things and smirking in a superior way.
What Commendations are you due?: All of them.
Comments/Requests: Less malelings.

Name: Anya Venari
Position/Job: Crown Princess of Kaeshana, aide to Tegaea.
What Commendations are you due?: Purple heart.
Comments/Requests: Better room service.

Anemone Nivalis

M.D., Expert Trauma Surgeon
Name: Anemone Nivalis
Position/Job: Screwing with Dells and Siobhan, Surgical Resident
What Commendations are you due?: Oh no. Don't give anything to the poor little doctor that gets dragged into everything that has nothing to do with her. No need for that. <_<
Comments/Requests: Just one...Dells needs a husband, and Siobhan needs a leash. :p

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
No offense,but I've seen people who don't have a husband by the age of 40 Major. It involves alot of cats.