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Need Background Info. About Kuat

Paige Argous

Hello fellow roleplayers!

I am currently in the process of coming up with a senator character, to represent the planet of Kuat in the Republic Senate. So this is one major planet (currently not represented as far as I am aware), and I'd like to know a bit more about Kuat and its background RP info before putting together the character.

So a few questions I'd like to ask to RPers who have been around this RP site for a while:

- What exactly happened to the senator(s) that represented Kuat previously? According to @[member="Ronnie Vexis"], 'its former official dolphin dived from a building only to introduce his head to thick duracrete'. Can anyone who's been around long enough tell me more about who this "Brunswick" person is? I would like to know more since my character may slightly branch off of this previous senator.
This RP was all I was able to find out about the previous senator... More info would be appreciated!

- Also, who led Kuat and the Kuat Drive Yards? I'd imagine that Kuat's shipyards probably still remains as one of the main contributors of ships to the Republic or just broadly the Galaxy itself?

Paige Argous

Awesome, I just sent Lady Silencia a PM. :)

So he committed suicide? That's an... interesting way for a character to die I guess. :lol:


Hunting Again
Hello Paega!

I am most certainly around and active under many names. I will look at your PM either later tonight or tomorrow. I'm currently out on the town with friends so I'm not sure when I'll be home.

Welcome to SWRP.


Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!
@[member="Paega Anginous "]- the short version RE that Senator is that he was fired as Senator of Kuat for not representing the planet properly, was appointed as Senator of... Metellos, I believe, and then swan-dived after he was about to be arrested, for circumventing proper Senate procedure as a diplomat and misappropriating funds.