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Natural Powers.

Some time ago, i dropped off the face of Chaos, partly due to real life, partly because of drama, and partly because I was simply growing bored. Now, I find myself thinking of a return, and with my revitalization, a revamp for my character.

As anone reading this might have guessed, I want to focus Vulps more on the natural side of the force, something a kin to a druid for you D&D fans, and as such, I feel I should ask for suggestions on any force powers that I should try to learn.

Immediately coming to mind are the beast speak abilities, electric judgement, plant surge, and kro var shaping(parts of that list I've also learned), as well as force storm for my more ambitious offensives.

So along that vein, any suggestions from the crowds? And possible teachers for when i truly do make my return?

(Bumping [member="Matsu Ike"] since you might want to see this post)
[member="Alexandra Feanor"] A thread would be interesting, but I doubt Vulps would be able to learn from ya.
[member="Matsu Ike"] Well, you've ben askin me to come back since I left, so whenever you're reading, just send me a pm.
[member="Jorus Merrill"] Thanks for the welcome. Though, alter environment was learned a while ago... though I should start practicing it more.
[member="Garith Darkhold JR"] Thanks for the welcome!
I already know force barrier, but Force stun would be a nice one, something of a hold person. Same with ionize since its related to electricity. Not sure about Alchaka though.

[member="Jaryn Rhane"]
[member="Darth Abyss"]

Love the suggestions. Actually was reading up on Water of lfe not ten minutes before your message.

Not sure if surge of the brier would be worth learning if I knew plant surge.

Though, Aspect of the strm does seem to have enough variation to be worth something.

As for Cryokinesis, one of the best things about being neutral as I am, as I can lean abilities both in the light and darkness without a guilty concience... unless that ability is force light which would likely burn half of my soul.

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