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Approved Tech Mundus Domitor | Saint Augustine's Power Armor

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Monkrove Irs'Valachie Moldova

Lord Kreigsmeister of Vorskathae IX

  • Intent: To make a personal armor for my character out the remains of an ancient set of armor from Spindle VI.
  • Image Source: Credit to Creator
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: AV-1A Assault Armor
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Emp/Ion: Low
    • Cryoban: Very Low
    • The Force: Average
    • Electricity: High
    • Elemental: High
    • Sonic: Average
  • Upgrades to Ancient Armor
  • Biorestorative Underlay
  • Environment Underlay
  • Dominator Gauntlets with Echani Accuracy Gloves Technology
  • Personal Xythan Force Shield
  • Laser Reflective Armor
  • Personal Energy Shield Generator
  • Special Systems
  • Hammer-to-armor connection [The Mundus Domitor is connected with the Hammer of Saint Augustine, Mundus Ruptor through the use of very powerful magnetics within the armor itself. Having a permanent north pole that allows it to be attracted to the permanent south pole of the hammer. Making it seem like the operator is able to use force pull to bring the hammer back to his awaiting hand, but in reality it is just through the use of magnetics]
  • Force Enhancements to Armor
  • Force Alchemy [A force enhancement that makes the armor more durable and provides the wearer with extra protection on the battlefield]
  • Eagle of Protection [An eagle ornament imbued with the power of force resistance and mounted on the armor itself, giving the operator a level of protection against the force. Although it is not as powerful as a real force user's force resistance, it does provide enough protection to fight a force user]
  • Standard Special Features taken from the AV-1A Assault Armor
  • Six Standard Power Packs [12 Hour Period of Power for Armor]
  • Internal Air Supply and Full Seal against Outside Forces with armor's helmet on
  • Full Life Support [With Power]
  • Provide Protection against Extreme Environments such as Deep Space with armor's helmet on
  • Power Lamp with armor's helmet [Beam of Light up to 100 Meters Long and 50 Meters Wide]
  • Link up to 3 Mounted Weapons to Onboard Targeting Computer for Increased Accuracy with armor's helmet
  • Built in comlink [Operator to communicate at a range of 100 Kilometers with full encryption capabilities]
  • Powered Servos [Augmenting strength by a factor of more than double]
  • Install up to 3 Mounted Weapons [As such as blaster cannons. Linked to Targeting Operating System through armor's helmet to unleashed an immense amount of firepower]
  • Powered Servos 2 [Operator to move as freely as if wearing conventional armor, with some loss of speed]
  • Internal Repulsorlift [Enabled it to fly as fast as a normal human could walk, with a flight ceiling of around one kilometer.]
  • Monitor and Medical Systems [Monitored Operator's Vital Organs and capable of providing a one-shot dose of emergency medications in order to keep operator alive]
  • Protection against the force with the Eagle Mounted Ornament
  • Very High Resistance to Energy Damage
  • Very High Resistance to Kinetic Damage
  • Very High Resistance to Lightsaber Damage
  • High Resistance to Electrical Damage
  • High Resistance to Elemental Damage
  • Immensely Increased Strength through powered servos within armor
  • Ornament Eagle can only provide protection from force powers that would cause immense amount of damage to the wearer. Normal force powers such as force push or pull is still possible and will not be covered by the force resistance itself.
  • Limited Duration of Power [12 Hours]
  • Heavier in Weight than normal armor
  • Very Low Resistance to Cryoban Damage
  • Low Resistance to EMP and Ion Damage to Systems
  • High Reliance on Technology
  • Difficult to repair due to unique parts

The Mundus Domitor otherwise known as the World Vanquisher is the Ancient Power Armor of the Patron Saint of the Knightly Order of Saint Augustine. Once belonging to a powerful neutral sorcerer, named Enstrom Kalune before his coming to the Industrial World of Spindle VI during the Old Republic Era of the Galaxy. Enstrom Kalune would have arrived to the first technological city built on the surface, the Capital of Halbarrow otherwise known in the present day as the Old City of Halbarrow, having descended from a once mighty industrial powerhouse settlement to a criminal haven where various different criminal gangs plundered for profit. Offering his talents in the force to treating various diseases and other plagues that affected the population, Enstrom would establish himself in the Imperial Monarchy of Spindle VI, underneath the Emperor-President Cerebellum III De Munto Castrousn as the Chief Medical Officer for the Nobility. Knowing to himself that as the chief medical officer, he was bound to fight in the world's wars using his medical talents. Unsatisfied with the inequality between the masses and the arrogant nature of the nobility, Enstrom would lead the first rebellion against the Imperial Monarchy that the world had ever seen. Knowing to himself that a massive war was coming, Enstrom would pour himself into ancient knowledge that had been left by jedi missionary and sith forces that briefly occupied the planet during the Old Republic Era. During this time, The Mundus Domitor was an ordinary set of of plate armor filled with the power of the force and achelmized with the local metals on hand, much like the construction of the Mundus Ruptor. Enstrom having equipped himself with both armor and his hammer would lead his forces through the Sovereign Gorge to face the Imperial Army underneath Cerebellum, both armies would face each other on opposite sides of the gorge itself. Cerebellum and Enstrom would engage in a titanic battle between their forces, each of them would lose hundreds of men which only motivated the armies to fight with each other more vigorously for their causes. Wearing his new set of armor and wielding his hammer against the imperial army. The War would eventually come to an end, with the death of Cerebellum by the Mundus Ruptor, hailing the leader which had got them victory over the imperials. The Warrior-Saint as people came to call him would found the Knightly Order of Saint Augustine and as their patron saint, take the name of Augustine to rally the Industrial World into a golden age. After the Warrior-Saints passing and burial beneath the Cathedral of the Knightly Order it was be kept as one of the most important artifacts of the world alongside the Mundus Ruptor. It came into the possession of Monkrove, when the House of Moldova came to inherit the debt of the Knightly Order and demanded payment and the installment of Monkrove's Daughter Ophelia to the position of Supreme Knight. Conceding to the demands, The Knightly Order would hand over the only thing of value that would matter to the house of moldova, that being the ancient mundus ruptor and the ancient mundus domitor to complete the entire set.

The Mundus Domitor would go through much of the same process of the Mundus Ruptor. Being handed over to the craftsman guild of spindle Vi and the University of Scientific Progress & Astromancy. With the technical expertise of the craftsman, they managed to install many features of the original armor and the power armor known as the AV-1A Assault Armor that was developed by GTU. Taking much of the armor's strengths into account, they modified the armor to better suit the modern era and opponents that the baron would fight. The Light Houses of the University would use their own unique techniques within the force to imbue upon the item the ability of force resistance. To counteract the dark side enhancements of the mundus ruptor, and make the dark side not as noticable to jedi and sith. This new armor once finished would replace the Mangate Mark III Power Armor, and would be the most prized possession of monkrove and the house of moldova. The Mundus Domitor comes equipped with many benefits such as having the eagle of protection, which allows protection from intense force powers but is limited in the fact that it only protects from those and not normal force powers such as force pull and push. It provides high resistance to elemental and electrical damage to make it not as vulnerable to force lightning and other emp/ions but that resistance can be passed with more powerful emp/ion explosions which will shut of the power to the suit entirely and make it much more heavy to wear without the power packs keeping it light. It has a very high resistance to kinetic, lightsaber, and energy type weaponry that allows it to be a tank on the battlefield with protecting its owner. The armor also boost the strength of the operator to levels beyond their natural strength. Although the mundus domitor comes equipped with many benefits, it also comes with many weaknesses such as having very low resistance to cryoban and low resistance to heavy emp/ion weaponry that an opponent might have. The suit is heavier in weight compared to other armors of the type due to the intense modifications. It has a limited duration of power with only 12 hours before needing to recharge the technology within, which the suit is reliant on to operate with peak capacity. It is also difficult to repair because of the age of the armor and the parts needing to be crafted with special materials.
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