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  1. Kitter Bitters

    LOA  Power Out

    so we had a bad storm and have been without power for a bit. Should be fixed by tonight they hope so please just bear with me for catching up on posts. Thank you! Minerva Fhirdiad Adeline Noctua Tarw Rhyfelwr Padd Valery Noble Kahlil Noble Caltin Vanagor Onrai Nir Si Hope I didn’t miss anybody!!
  2. Drenn

    Private  There is no good or evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.

    It's been a considerable amount of time since I've delved into the realm of Star Wars through my writing, however, my passion for the fantasy genre has remained alive and thriving. Despite my absence from the Star Wars universe, the desire to revisit my Sith apprentice has resurfaced. Just...
  3. Vergessen Contii

    Ready For Judge  BLITZ - All your dreams, a pinch away.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide the masses with an affordable addition to their chemically hazardous arsenal. Image Source: N/A Canon Link: N/A Permissions: T.B.A Primary Source: Yuk'Mar PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Vergessen Contii Affiliation: Vergessen Contii...
  4. I'dadr Gargon

    Work In Progress  Gargon Power Phobgar'gam

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create phobium power armor for the 1st Gargon Power Mountaineer Battalion Image Source: Canon Link: Permissions: Primary Source: (N/A) PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Mandaltech...
  5. Braze

    Public  I Have the Power of the Force and Atrisian Graphic Novels on My Side

    Naboo TAGS: OPEN While the Sith ( Darth Prazutis ) squandered their time, I Studied the Blade. Whilst the master reminisces about battles of yore from his armchair, the novice sharpens his skills, ready to duel with in the coming dawn. True Saber combat is not a contest of strength. It's...
  6. Braze

    Private  Pathways of Power

    TAGS: Aris Noble The lush, green fields were alive with flowering wildflowers, dotting the landscape with splashes of color. The wind brushed through the trees, causing lavender wisteria blossoms to fall, carried away by the breeze. The sounds of birdsong in the distance blended with the...
  7. D

    Private  The Font of Power

    It was quiet as the sun began setting over the trees. The clearing once torn apart by an ranging duel had long since grown over. Long shadows stretched tired fingers acrossed the ground like a sleepy hand grasping for the saftey of the heavy blanket of night. A bird fluttered away without a...
  8. Darth Xyrah

    Private  Transfer of Power

    Location: The Golden Palace, Eliad Eliad. For a long while, the planet had fallen firmly under Darth Xyrah's control, the now current leader of the Sith Imperial Banking Clan having reigned successfully as the planet's ruling monarch during his time on the throne. Yet his duties in the SIBC had...
  9. Casteban Mecetti

    Approved Tech  IPAPA-1 Imperial Power Assisted Personal Armor

    (Stormtrooper Armor for reference) Intent: To Provide the Empire of the Lost with Power Assisted Armor for their Imperial Marines Image Source: Midjourney, prompted by me, with adjustments in Paintshop Canon Link: Permissions: NA Primary...
  10. D

    New Faction  New Power on Hutta

  11. Rara Gowisi

    Approved Tech  Power Paw-14

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a set of sonic boxing gauntlets Image Source: Here! Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Si Tech Affiliation: Si Tech, Galactic Alliance Market Status: Closed Market Model: N/A Modularity: Yes...
  12. Toltec

    Faction  POWER. | Mecha Factum, Golden Covenant, Invite.

    D E N O N Underworld "You the man in charge?" Snap. Break. Thud. The human guard dropped dead to the ground, his neck snapped. Two pit droids, covered in graffiti and with green emblazoned eyes, picked up the corpse and began scuttling away from the conference room the others were walking...
  13. PaladinZ

    Private  Power Play: Natryxsa makes herself known on Manaan

    Natryxsa smirked under her helmet, many nights had led to this moment. She had finally found some of the people that had taken away her family all those years ago, and it was finally time to strike them down. She had tracked them for days, they were just criminal thugs who were among the...
  14. Taeli Raaf

    Approved Tech  Ramuh-II Power Core

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To develop a next-generation power core system for Aurora Industries technologies Image Source: N/A Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Ramuh Power Core PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Aurora Industries Affiliation: Aurora Industries...
  15. Lossa Aureus

    Private  Power Cells and Sore Shoulders

    fa-play fa-pause Location: Coruscant, Training Facility - Blaster Range Equipment: Skinsuit, Rusty Green Jumpsuit, Left Bracer, Plastoid Shingaurds, Utility Boots, Mix and Match Harness, Left Ear Accessories: Bracelet, Echo Stone Weapons: Lossa's Lightsaber, Concealed Blaster, Modular Blaster...
  16. Nathan Bloodscrawl

    Approved Tech  BWE BactaSource Power Plants

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a new type of reactor/Power Pack Image Source:
  17. Coren Starchaser

    Faction  With great Power - Rimward Forcers

    The Rimward Trade League had the bones of the Outer Rim Coalition and that was why Coren had kept his eye on it so long, and paid it lip service when asked where he was working now. It wasn't that he didn't support the Galactic Alliance, he did. But his life was not so much about the wars any...
  18. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    LFG  In the need of more power

    After wanting to be free for his past, And ghost teacher Damion Believes that a sith artifact would be needed for his freedom, Sadly it was destroyed.Damion is more desperate to be free of his ghost master. Any thread with sith or Jedi would help as he reaches out for help
  19. Leven Jeyd

    Private  Let not thy Will roar, when thy Power can be Whisper

    Location: Ruined City, Zygerria. Equipment: Short axes, Slugthrower. Wearing: X. Tagging: Darth Wallgof It was a small kingdom, lost in the Zygerrian wilderness, far from the planet's main cities. Here, the savannas threatened to swallow everything into their endless scape of golden and...
  20. J

    Private  Healing Power of the Jedi

    The Medical Wing, The Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Amani Serys This was the first time the young Zeltron Padawan had entered the Medical Wing of the Jedi Temple, a section of the giant facility utilized by the many Jedi doctors and nurses responsible for keeping the many Jedi living there in good...
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