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Most Powerful?

So who is the most powerful force-user on this site? Touchy subject... Although it is a subject that is completely opinionated, and biased sometimes, so is talking about your favorite force user...

So... who do you think is the most powerful force-user on the site?

I'll answer first.... @[member="Verz Horak"] hands down.


Hunting Again
Bit of a stretch there considering one character cannot be the most powerful at every aspect of the Force. Even Ashin can be considered weak in some areas, to be sure.

We love to set our Mary Sue's on fire around here.


Blessed are the peacemakers
powerful force user is kind of a relevant term, you know. fu get trucked all the time, take a look at Darth Malgus. Jayce beat the crap out of him on Aldeeran and dun messed up his face and body somethin awful. Boba Fett beat the crap out of Vader one time, and even the most powerful force user of all time got beat by Obi-Wan, so honestly, it comes down to the old Roman saying.

If your enemy proves more powerful, prove yourself more skilled.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
@[member="Ashin Varanin"]. Fo shizzle.

Her vs Ben Watts would be something to see. But my money's still on Varanin.

Daxton Bane

I am just the second strongest Telepath on the board as I recall, specializing in moving objects with my mind direct psychic attacks. I think I have fought the most Force duels but I could be wrong.

Definitely the sneakiest though with all my dirty tricks and gimmicks aside from my usual arsenal, plus the fact that I am an unrepentant ladies man. :D

Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many
@[member="Daxton Bane"] I think @Siobhan Karrigan and @[member="Tricia"] match you for mental and TK techniques. Hell those two were the ones flinging Lucrehulks thanks to Je'gan and Spencer on Atrisia.


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I made a similar thread recently, a vote, for individual aspects of strength (saber play, stealth, lightning etc)

Force Power over all, I'd probably give to one of Jons characters.

But then that kind of isn't fair.

Stealth wise, I'd say Penumbra. So far he has been undetectable by all (save Godmodding) since his Mastery.
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] is the most brutally effective battering ram of a Force user. No doubt there.

One character who certainly isn't is my Jedi Master Phylis Alince. She...basically can't really see much into the present, let along the future, and although she's pretty good with a cutting dissertation...not so much with blasts of green fire and storms of lightning.
I like it that way.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@Je'gan Olra'en and @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] would be the best mentalists, I'd say.

@[member="Coryth Elaris"] is the healer and top tier in stealth and illusions.

As has been said above, one can't arbitrarily say that one forcer is the most powerful at everything. For one Boring Invincible Heroes are lame and it's a total stretch.
I'm going to go with @Je'gan Olra'en as well. Though, I'm basing my answer off of mentalism. He could probably fit under quite a few categories.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Penumbra said:
Force Power over all, I'd probably give to one of Jons characters. But then that kind of isn't fair.
Darn right it ain't fair, lol. I don't mind saying that Ashin's up there somewhere, but Je'gan isn't top-tier (you ever tried writing a Master without appreciable Force combat powers? lol), Ember sure isn't, Jorus DEFINITELY isn't...heck, even Velok wasn't. The dude got taken down by two teenagers. He only had a rep because I went for audacious. Not sure he even ever won a fight on this board.

For my money, @[member="Tahira Solo"] -- though she would never claim it -- probably has a good chance of being the most powerful Lightsider on the board. The more so because she's just Core Powers and healing, no fancy crap or crazy specialization.

Ashin Varanin

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Now, that said, every Master has some kind of a concept of how they stack up, in general and in specializations -- but those concepts get less and less accurate the more Masters there are on the board. For purposes of junk-measuring, we must know for sure.