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Approved Species Morray Hound

Storm of Alderaan
  • Name: Morray Hound
  • Designation: Non-Sentient
  • Origins: Spilursia
  • Average Lifespan: 20 Years
  • Estimated Population: Inter-Planetary
  • Description: Morray hounds were large omnivorous predators native to the world of Spilursia. Amphibious in nature, morray hounds spent most of their lives underwater in the coral reefs of their homeworld. They were often used as guard animals when domesticated due to their fierce look.
  • Breathes: Type I
    • Air and Water
  • Average Height of Adults: 3 Meters at crest of coral spine
  • Average Length of Adults: 6 Meters
  • Skin color: Grey
  • Hair color: None
  • Distinctions: Morray Hounds were large, four-legged eel-like creatures with spiny growths that resembled coral. They were able to change their color and texture on-demand as a form of camouflage. Their large head held dozens of sensory organs that allowed them to sense the subtle shift in water pressure, current, and sense the electromagnetic presence of things around them. Their large paddle-like tail and webbed feet allowed them to swim, but only barely as fast as a Spilursian's moderate stroke. They could walk and breathe on land, though like Spilursians, preferred to be in the water.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive
  • Can breathe underwater and on land
  • Can change its color and perceived texture at will
  • Bite force is strong enough to chomp people in half
  • Walks and runs slowly
  • Dehydrates quickly
  • Scale plates harden when dehydrated, making it even slower
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Barks and growls
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Morray Hounds are generally seen as lazy but dangerous predators. In the wild, they can wait for weeks in the same place for a meal before they snap their jaws shut and move on. Because they can't swim extremely fast they await prey with their mouth open like a coral cave. When not hunting they can be found swimming around or walking the seafloor hunting for immobile or slow prey like jellyfish or large shell-fish. They typically live in Coral Reefs. In captivity and domesticated, Morray Hounds often act as guard dogs and living alarms for farms and estates.
The Morray Hound evolved on the planet of Spilursia. One of the planet's weaker predators, it saw an explosion of its population after the domestication of the Miredrake. With the Miredrake, one of the Morray Hound's only predators, now smaller and less prevalent in the reefs their relationship swapped and the Morray Hound became one of the few creatures on the reefs to hunt the miredrake. Their potential for guard work was seen very early but domestication efforts failed and so only one breed of Miredrake was ever maintained which had little to no difference from wild Morray Hounds. They weren't often kept as pets due to their tendency to snap on their owners but they retained a respectful position as guard beast.
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