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Mistryl Shadow Guards

Something I had considered before with the Clans. I'd like to start a group up to be part of the Mistryl Shadow Guards, tradtionally only daughters of Emberlene but I think we can have another group be part of the mandalorians.

What do you think?
[member="Satine Detta"]

Mistryl Shadow Guards are one of the awesome groups out there, very Mando-ish as well. Sadly, very underused. I'd be happy to see them roaming around here with us.

And become Mandos.
The Mistryl can operate in teams which would consist of a Prime (Leader) and three to six warriors. Or they could work on their own the type of work needed will drive. Mistryls are known to use hold-out blasters and vibroblades. They are also known to use exotic weapons, and excel at hand to hand combat.

All members will have access to the Mistryl Shadow guard databanks which is considered one of the largest gatherings of profiles of galactic citizens in the galaxy. It is updated daily. Even you can pretend to be Natasi Fortan in the greatest of pinches just don't get caught.

There are safe houses being built across the galaxy to be used.

Training missions will begin shortly.

Missions to be completed: Can be completed either in a dominion or private.

1. Corporation on Loronar is concerned that First Order Operatives have stolen designs to their latest ship designs. Mission is to infiltrate a First Order ship builder and verify if the designs have been stolen, and to steal their latest design in retaliation.

2. Body Guard detail which can go awry quickly. Put your own twist on this.

3. Take a contract from another Faction to complete a mission for them.

4. Survival training in a harsh environment.

[member="Malok"] [member="Kad Tor"] [member="Agenor Dyre"] this is what I have so far. I know it needs more work and I'm drawing on Canon well maybe legend now. Thoughts are welcome
[member="Satine Detta"]

We are still building and focusing on building IC... If that's all you have maybe let things grow organically and IC from there. Having them along side the Mando'ade would be awesome... and I'm sure [member="Nolan Detta"] would like to have you around ;) I mean... it would be great to have my sister in law around too!

and Satine has to meet [member="Artemis Lux"] because they would get along!
[member="Satine Detta"]

My advice would be to run with the theme of rebuilding!

I'm assuming that Satine is to be the Prime of the Mando'ade-leaning Shadow Guards, so it would fall on her shoulders to recruit exceptional members to her cause. We have plenty of ongoing stories that would present the opportunity to rub elbows with these candidates, and you are more than welcome to start your own adventure in the name of garnering further interest.

Just let me know when you kick things off IC, I'll be certain to have [member="Skorri"] show up. :)
[member="Malok"] [member="Nolan Detta"] [member="Mesh'la Dral"] very nice thank youi all for the support. I'll be working something out to get this started.

[member="Strider Garon"] so you've alive......or are we related to [member="Darth Carnifex"] ?

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