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Member Check-In

The Admiralty
Okay people, it's time to get this show running again. Firstly I would like to know who here has the time to contribute some time to the AoL, who here is still interested and the sort. Leave your name here, so I have some oversight. (If you have multiple accounts in the AoL, one will be sufficient.)

Besides that I would like to hear ideas to restart the faction, get it going again and make it stand for eternity. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, give us your insights. What would make the Faction stand-out more, what should we do more often. Et cetera.

Atlas Kane

I am here, great mentor person thingy.
Also checkin' in for XV-265
Valde of the Vitae
Vulpesen Torrevaso, Shadow of Amar, Togorian Savior, and student of Daella Apparine and Zarro Verres, at thine service. (Btw, should a sith put me into a comatose or death, Zarro Verres will definitely join the fray. But until then, its just me.)