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Approved Species Maszlaime Jeviso | Swamp Undines

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Imperfect Depiction: Swamp Undines do not have scales and possess very elongated digits.
  • Intent: Create a cute Sithspawn species for RP.
  • Image Credit: Lyra by Zyari
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
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  • Name: Patelex Maszlaime Jeviso - “Swamp Undines” (Translates exactly to “Female Wetland Wraiths” in ur-Kittât, but are generally referred to as “Swamp Undines”)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Gene-Laboratories - Malsheem
  • Average Lifespan: 30-40 GSY - An individual living a full, healthy lifespan can live in excess of 250 years, but this is rare as many Swamp Undines die prematurely due to perpetual conflict.
  • Estimated Population: ~250,000
    • Wetlands of Felucia: ~200,000 - Planetary
    • Other Scattered Communities: ~50,000 - Scattered
  • Description: The Swamp Undines are an all-female Near-Human amphi-mammalian Sithspawn species. Although they tend towards a smaller stature, they possess extremely elongated, often gangly limbs (especially legs) and digits. The length of their legs is generally close to ⅔ of their total height. Comparatively, their trunks are typically quite small and thin. They have four digits on each extremity, with sharp, claw-like nails and thin interdigital webbing (between toes and fingers). The ears are webbed as well, in addition to being pointed along the tips and edges. They generally have pink, blue, purple, green, or alabaster skin, which is slightly slimy in texture. Finally, they have no body or vellus hair, only hair on their head.

    Of particular note, even with their disproportionately long, alien-like limbs and digits, Swamp Undine facial features are generally soft and sleek, closely resembling those of a typical Hapan or Nagai female. Their builds also maintain a distinct, curvaceous feminine geometry, potentially making them quite attractive in a conventional context.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.5 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin Color:
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Alabaster Skin
    • In addition to various shades and hues inbetween or mixing the above colors
  • Hair Color: Virtually all colors of the spectrum, but the colors below are the most common:
    • Alabaster
    • Black
    • Blonde
    • Pink
    • Blue
  • Distinctions:
    • Pale Blue Blood
    • Webbed and Pointed Ears
    • Four Digits on Each Extremity
    • Thin Interdigital Webbing
    • Multiple Hearts
    • Excellent Flexibility and Hyperelastic Soft Tissue
    • Cutaneous and Lungs Respiration
    • All-Female
    • Slimy Skin Texture
    • Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, and Alabaster Skin - Region or Tribe Dependent
    • No Body or Vellus Hair
    • Excellent Low Light Vision
    • Extremely Elongated Limbs and Digits
    • Small Trunk
    • Sharp Claws
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: High - Roughly 65% have greater than 8,000 midi-chlorians per cell
  • Water Healing - The Maszlaime Jeviso have a strong immune system and a minor regenerative healing factor, the latter allowing them to heal superficial wounds within hours and deep wounds within days. They can grow back a lost limb or organ (with the exception of their brain) within a few months, so long as they receive the necessary treatment and are periodically immersed in oxygenated water in the process. As a result, they rarely scar. Their bodies also have the ability to inhibit blood loss during severe injury, where blood vessels at the affected area will twist, compress, and choke in on themselves.
  • Twitch - The dark side alchemical techniques used in their creation have given the Maszlaime Jeviso lightning reflexes. Thus, they have extremely fast reaction times and mental processing speeds, the former of which can be measured in single-digit microseconds.
  • Strong Legs - Their long legs are extremely strong, possessing dense, wiry muscles that make them powerful leapers and fast runners. In terms of their running ability, the typical fit individual is capable of sprinting at footspeeds in excess of 80 km/h and jogging at 40 km/h, the latter pace capable of being sustained for several hours, if necessary. For jumping, most fit individuals can ascend up to five meters vertically. In the water, they can swim at typical speeds of 20 km/h.
  • Heart Power - Having multiple hearts gives the Swamp Undines cardiovascular endurance and physical stamina far superior to that of baseline Humanity, allowing them to engage in strenuous physical activities for significant periods of time while suffering very little in terms of exhaustion.
  • Acute Senses - The Swamp Undines have far superior low light vision to baseline Human standard, giving them the ability to see just as well at night as they do in the day. In addition, the Swamp Undines have excellent hearing, able to register sounds up to 90 kHz. In unobstructed space they can hear as far as 30 kilometers away and in a more closed areas, up to 15 kilometers away. Their enlarged pinna can further amplify and precisely triangulate the source of sounds.
  • Immersed - Maszlaime Jeviso are capable of holding their breath underwater for very long periods of time, often in excess of 16 standard hours before they need to return to the surface for air. They are also natural and strong swimmers.
  • Dry Conditions - The Maszlaime Jeviso do not fare well in dry environments and generally need humid conditions in order to thrive. In nonideal environments, they will have to compensate by drinking very large amounts of water or periodically dousing themselves. Without these compensatory measures, their skin may begin to form rashes, peel, or flake.
  • Pollution - Due to their permeable skin, the Maszlaime Jeviso are more susceptible to pollution in water and to a lesser extent, the air. They can absorb harmful agents through their skin, which past a certain threshold will likely result in adverse effects on their health.
  • Searing Incandescence - Owing to their dark side-aligned nature, the Swamp Undines are almost universally susceptible to Force Light. The effects of this power when leveled against them can range from disintegration or outright death to severe burning, maiming, or simply overwhelming pain.
  • Stun Shriek - The acute hearing of the Maszlaime Jeviso is just as much a strength as it is sometimes a weakness. Loud noises and especially sonic weapons are particularly debilitating to them, to the point that if their sensitive ears are left unprotected, these threats have a very high chance of incapacitating them outright.
  • Flash Burn - Eyes which can pierce through the dark are also very sensitive to bright, sudden flashes of light. If their eyes are left unprotected, such attacks can blind them for several seconds.
  • Language of Brutality - As Sithspawn, the Maszlaime Jeviso are violent, cunning, and brutal by nature. As such, diplomacy is more or less a foreign concept to them. Even when cornered, they will rarely attempt to negotiate, instead preferring to attempt a retreat or if entirely out of options, fighting to the death. Naturally, this mentality can lead to more death among the species than what might otherwise occur.
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Communication: Jeviso Khutrai (“Undine Tongue”), Galactic Basic Standard, and Natural Telepathy. Jeviso Khutrai is the native and primary language of the Swamp Undines, which is spoken within their communities. It is considered to be a melodious tongue with a smooth, lilting rhythm and flowing notes. Basic is generally used when interacting with outsiders and telepathy is used for conversing underwater.
  • Technology level: Slightly below to Galactic Standard, tending towards a more primitive day-to-day existence based primarily on looting and scavenging. Their dwellings and settlements tend to lack modern amenities. In terms of weaponry, vibroblades, harpoons, protoblades, polearms, energy bows, single-shot slugthrowers, and disc launchers are quite common, but blasters are somewhat rare.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Swamp Undines typically worship the Dark Lord that they are bound to. This figure is usually Darth Carnifex. In addition, many of the first tribes worship and view Vestara VII as a mother goddess.
  • General Behavior: Most Swamp Undines live in tribes that are led by a matriarch and a queen. The first figure, the matriarch, is considered to be the social head of the tribe. She is often the eldest individual or has mothered the most offspring. In turn, the queen is typically the political and war leader of the tribe. She is often the strongest, most capable warrior. While the queen generally serves as the face of the tribe, the matriarch is the “power behind the throne” and is arguably the most influential singular figure within the tribe.

    In order to reproduce, Swamp Undines ultimately depend on males from other species, often procured for the sole purpose of mating. Swamp Undines mothers always give birth to Swamp Undine young. It takes roughly two months for a fetus to develop within the womb, during which the mother will more or less gorge herself, often eating several times per day. After birth, the newborn spends a great deal of time underwater and alongside their mother, growing quickly during this period. By four months the youngling will have reached the size of a human child. Then, after only a year the individual will have grown to their full adult stature and developed the markers of early adulthood. However, Swamp Undines are socially not considered to be full adults until they have undergone a certain set of rituals and trials.

    As Swamp Undines are natural killers who do not readily succumb to fear or flinch at violence, war is an ever-present facet of their society. Tribes frequently engage in both high and low-intensity conflicts, often encompassing raids, skirmishes, ritualized violence, and even pitched battles between larger tribes. These conflicts are often fought over territory, rare loot or treasure, influence with a particular Dark Lord, or even as part of various interpersonal feuds which may arise between clans and families. Because of this, most, if not all young are brought up as fighters, with training frequently serving as a means to weed out the weak and infirm.

    However, even those who are not skilled fighters can still find a place within a tribe, provided they survive the brutal rituals and trials that most individuals undertake before becoming full adults. Skilled scavengers, artisans, and healers are valued. In particular, those who know how to find and utilize prismatic crystals, kyber crystals, diamonds, jewels, and other precious gems can enjoy wealth and respect, as these are the items that are most sought after for forging jewelry and powerful weapons.

    Finally, Swamp Undines are generally nocturnal.
Originating from the gene-laboratories of Malsheem, the Swamp Undines were created by Vestara VII as part of an alchemical study project. After completing her work on the black orchid project (and the newfound freedom she gained as a reward), Vestara undertook a new experiment out of a desire to create something that might be just as elegant as it was deadly. In that regard, the Swamp Undines were a palate cleanser for Vestara, giving her relief from an experiment which had seen her working closely with disgusting, flesh-eating insects and sickening viruses.

Unfortunately, the first Swamp Undines were little more than primitive, twisted fusions of genetic material drawn from various Hapan, Nautolan, Gungan, Abyssin, and frog-like subjects. The rudimentary, experimental nature of their genetic construction meant that these unfortunate subjects lived painful, screaming existences, especially as they were frequently experimented upon as Vestara relentlessly sought to perfect her creation. Ironically, it was the expertise and experience which she had gained in her previous work that allowed her to refine the Swamp Undines to a healthy, fit state, at which point her overseers began to see potential in her work beyond that of a study project.

Before long, various jungles and wetlands on Felucia and a number of other worlds were seeded with the first healthy Swamp Undines. In spite of Felucia’s hostile, Sithspawn-populated ecosystem, these populations flourished and quickly formed tribes, carving out a strong niche within the swamps in the process.

With the fitness of the Swamp Undines proven in a hostile environment, the next step was immediately obvious—integration into the Kainate military as an Sithspawn auxiliary force. While this effort would prove the greatest challenge due to the Swamp Undines’ unique biology, their potential lethality as a concentrated force could not be understated.

In this way, the Swamp Undines would soon be compelled to serve the Eclipsing Mission.
July 10, 2024:

  • Force Sensitivity: Standard -> High
    • Edited Force Sensitivity Percentage
  • Green Skin: Added in Distinctions and Description
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