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Master Progress Tracker - Post Your Dossiers Here

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
EDIT: Master list for tagging in nomination threads.​
@Ashin Varanin @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="Lucien Cordel"] @[member="Darth Arcis"] @[member="Dharma Vessia"] @[member="Darth Vornskr"] @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Valik"] @[member="Penumbra"] @[member="Jared Ovmar"] @[member="Anaya Fen"] @[member="Lady Exedō"]​
@[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Pandeima"] @Shinju Ayasha @[member="Lucien Cordel"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]

You six are the closest to Master, so here's what I need from you before you'll get my vote. Any other Knights who wish to keep track of their progress may use this thread too.

1 ) Master dossiers. This is difficult to do after the Crash, but it's still possible to find links with Google and other places. I need full lists of all your threads, even if a lot of those links are dead. Post these lists in this thread. Split them into three categories:
  • Training given/received/self-trained
  • Dominions/Invasions/faction threads
  • Other threads

2 ) A Faction Staffer's post here in this thread, certifying that you've been drama-free for three weeks, to the best of their knowledge. The occasional Skype thing, whatever, everyone gets a little heated. But I need a staffer's certification, right here, that you've been free of significant drama for three weeks.

3 ) A Master project. Something grand, something IC, something big and ambitious. NOT something that would get you in trouble in staff. NOT something that will push boundaries. But something that'll prove that your character is worthy to be a Master.


4 ) Fight a Master. I don't want to see any overpoweredness, I don't care if you win or lose, I just want to see good sportsmanship and a good solid demonstration of your skills. This must be one-on-one, and not in a training thread.

5) Have participated in Fringe Dominions, Faction threads, discussions, and etc. This shows that you've shown loyalty with the Fringe and helped better us as a faction. With out this you WILL NOT be put up for Master by one of the Fringe Masters. The Faction Admins or I (Spencer Jacobs) will mark you off for this.


Eater of the Dead
1 )

Master dossiers.

Training given/received/self-trained

Dominions/Invasions/faction threads

Other threads

2) Staffers note

3 ) A Master project/accomplishment
  • To be the sites go to interrogator and enjoy sitting in the new model dungeon ship once the factory is ready to be reopened.
  • Aided in the creation of a hyperspace wormhole on Elrood during the Brawl of the Dead becoming the adopted mother of a baby girl after her mother got infected.
  • Aided in the final fight of the Dark Harvest overtaking a star destroyer single handed against the infected and sending it into the moon of Dagobah to stop the enemy forces.
  • Found and escaped with a black ship returning it to the fringe.
  • And Shinju Ayasha, for screwing a cannibal alien bride, then stealing said bride; eating the former maid of honor and taking her place; becoming Empress of Rakata Beta; using Bando Gora drugs on her own homeworld; and all manner of other excellent nastiness. Bravo, Shinju.
  • Helped Mikhail Shorn defeat Tyrin Ardik in the coup
  • Helped bring Dharma Vessia to the Fringe
  • Self training thread for consuming powers

4) Fight a master
5) Faction admin Note


Professor of Alchemy
I'd like to extend myself if anybody needs someone to have a friendly duel with, with either Valik or my alt Jaxton Ravos. I'd prefer non-canon, but if you can come up with a good enough reason I could probably be convinced to make it canon, but in Ashin's exercise I don't really believe canon makes that much of a difference.

Best wishes to all of you.


Thus Saith the Lord
Training given/received/self-trained
The training of Lucian Cordel
The darker arts (Lucien/Nezuel)
The training of a "Grand Admiral"
burning man
Training a mando
The Rp training of Lucien Cordel
Faction training
A mysterious stranger
the man in the mask

Dominions/Invasions/faction threads
Flashpoint: Roche
here,have some hell,we know how much you like it
The Sand in the Glass (Sith Empire, Pengalan IV)
Attack of the living food
Behold the pale horse
After Roche the imperial adress
It's good to be king
Sith mission the orchid
brawl of the dead
Dominion of taloraan
In darkness (Very brief)
When you let things happen organically

Other threads
A test of strength
Time to reorganize
This used to be a fun house
The looking glass
digging up them holes
Knicked, Knacked, Paddy whacked
The sith fox
conquest resumes
mist filled tourniquet of trade
Great expectations
A child at the door
A Lord in waiting
Revealing their deceit (Unrecoverable in crash pending group decision)
Knights of the lopsided table
Duelers beware
well this is awkward
A fire world from hell
A new beginning
Profile with links can be found here
Darth Ithari said:
@[member="Lucien Cordel"] is staff certified as drama free.

Also, if any of you kids want to fight me. I'm open to persuasion but it has to fit story.
3. fighting Syn
4. republic trial when it happens
Become the Crisis
Training Received: - physical enhancement and self-discipline, from Jorus Merrill - Dathomiri magic, from Petra Cavataio - energy manipulation, from Velok - mentalism, from Spencer Jacobs - group training on teamwork and lightning resistance, from Ashin Varanin

Training Given: - trains Calum Finley - trains Isis Fontana. - trains Aston Jacobs - trains Kara Vi'dreya
(Not listed as a thread, but trained Nicholas DragonsFlame to Knight)

Dominions/Invasions/Faction Threads:

Other Relevant Threads:

Masters Faced:
JACEN CAVILL(for like 15 seconds, lol)

I think that's all of them.


Well-Known Member
The Aargonar Dominion
The Anzat Dominion
The Bastion Dominion
The Dasid-Anya Dominion
The Iego Dominion
The Invasion of Mandalore
The Pengalan IV Dominion
The Phu Dominion
The Soledad Dominion (wip)
The Taloraan Dominion
The Yalara Dominion

A Mind can be a Powerful Thing (Tirdarius)
Art Form of Combat
Destiny doesn't exist - Chaos will rain supreme
First Missions are Always the Hardest
Form is Art and Whatnot (Tarika)
Learnin From da Mastah (Elijah)
Learning New Tricks (Reyven Samoth)
Learning of a strange feature
Learning the Ways of the Force with Eldoc Quasat (Eldoc)
Mentoring an Assassin (Corvo)
Mind Over Matter (Haven)
Open Group Training (Ashin, Fringemen)
Problematic Drinking (Saoirse)
Risky Business (Clara)
Sorceror's Apprentice
The Force Shall Set Me Free (Jalek Ares)
Training and a Test (Reyven Samoth)

A Chance Encounter
A Duel Between Two Dark Knights
A Feast of Heroes Villains and Everything Between
A Water World Like None Other
An Interesting Endeavor
Ancient Magics
Being the Hunted
Building a Legacy
Captives for a Cause
Changing the Outlook
Demon Armor Creation
Encountering Future Allies
Flashpoint Roche
I Have Nothing to Do...
I'm missing something
Legacies Grow with Time
Let the Hunt Begin
Luk at mah skillz Luk at Dem
Mark 2
Meetings can be Destined
No second guessing
Nothing Complicated About a Drink
One Bloody Wedding
Proving ones worth
Return to Unknown Territory
Stealth Modifier
Survival Never Changes
The Chance of a Lifetime
The Grand Resolution
Uncharted Waters
Welp that got fun fast
Who am I to say No
Will to power


3.)Taking on 5 people Advanced Knight/Master level (one being Tyrin Ardik), while still handling 3 apprentices. In the recent Sith Dominion? ?

Ashin Varanin
Darren Shaw
Dranok Lussk
Jacen Cavill
Mikhail Shorn
Spencer Jacobs
Tyrin Ardik
And more master battles are in the work regardless of mastery nominations

Darth Torment





(OOC Note: Sorry guys there would have been a HUGE list but most my past topics/threads were completely wiped and now I can't seem to locate them. :( )

(Not done yet, pulling the content up now) (I added them all even the ones from when Isis was a padawan, hoping that is alright?)


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@[member="Isis Fontana"] you and me both. I'm missing a minimum of 4 training and at least 1-2 dominions.

@[member="Ashin Varanin"] I feel this is a dumb question, but I asked Jacen Cavill about my name sake around the site, he says he hasn't heard a peep (I also asked tegaea as well). Do I need him to post on here or send you a message or Skype or what lmao


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@[member="Ashin Varanin"] ok. Also was my master project acceptable? Lol cause I have no idea what that should be.

Edit: and as said, I asked tegs also if I had anything and she says nope I should be in the clear.


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Lmao you come here to the page, and can't vouch for me? God now I look like I'm faking! I'm not!! I swear!! *crazy look in eyes* *twitches*

Don't judge me...

Ok judge me, just be nice lmao

@[member="Darth Ithari"]

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] is drama free as well.

I'm on LOA until Sunday, and probably only doing staff stuff until Monday. So only tag me if it's important. I love you guys but my family trumps everything.


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He hasn't had a chance to really do anything @[member="Isis Fontana"]. He's been with family. I technically bugged him first, then we got him here and I bugged him again (which I'm sorry for). That's why afterwards I asked tegs. It's easier to ask others also