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Master/Apprentice Request Thread

If you're an apprentice looking for a new Knight/Master, or vice versa, then please post your requests here.

Here's a basic template for making requests, but you're not required to stick to this format.



Force Alignment:

Seeking: (Master or Apprentice)

What I Want to Learn (or Specializations, in the case of Masters):
Name: Karl J. Winters

Rank: Jedi Knight

Force Alignment: Light

Seeking: Apprentice

What I Want to Learn (or Specializations, in the case of Masters):

Force Powers
Padawan | Knight | Master | Council
  • Throw
  • Emerald Lightening
  • Push
  • Force Speed

Lightsaber Combat

  • Form I - Shii-Cho
Name: Nefertari Sovint Vael

Rank: Knight

Force Alignment: Light

Seeking: Apprentice


Force Powers

  • Basics (Telekinesis, speed, etc.)
  • Plant surge
  • Animal Friendship
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Electric Judgment (Reluctant to teach)
  • Alter Environment (Also reluctant to teach)
Lightsaber Combat
  • Shii-Cho
  • Makashi
  • Aquatic Lightsaber Combat
Other skills
  • Piloting
  • Swimming

Carona Totsari

It takes true strengh to turn the other cheek
Name: Carona Totsari.

Rank: Padawan.

Force Alignment: Light.

Seeking: Long term Master.

What I Want to Learn: Mostly abilities that focus on mentality/ psychology (beyond plain telepathy and the mind trick.) As well as healing abilities. Telekinetic abilities are good, but offensive abilities aren't nearly as important as the ones I just listed above. Way more focus on the Force than light saber or hand-to-hand combat.

Important Notice: Please look at Carona's profile before taking her in. She does have physical disabilities!
Name: Lina Renning

Rank: Apprentice

Alignment: Light

Seeking: Master

What I Want To Learn: Healing, mentalism, how not to fall to the Dark Side and become an evil Sith Lord.

OOC: I want to make a story out of Lina's training aside from developing her skillset, be prepared for excited plotting.
god i hope i'm not necroposting

Luyioth Dakwin - [member="virtf"]


Force Alignment:

Master, preferably long term. If not, some Knights and Masters to go between training with would be brilliant.

What I want to learn:
Not really bothered, more interested in having some RP and character development.
Losing is tempoary, giving up is permanent.
Name: Sky'ito Yumi

Rank: Apprentice

Alignment: Light/Grey/Dark

Seeking: Master

What I Want To Learn: Healing, and other support like force powers as well as improving sabre skill.

OOC: Further training to make future fights more interesting but also serve as story progress as it is part is Sky's goal to learn and document as much stuff as she can.

Commander Firestorm

ARC Trooper Out of Time, Commander of the Unbroken
Name: Commander Alex Firestorm

Rank: Master

Force Alignment: Light

Seeking: Apprentice

  • Adaptive Lightsaber Combat
  • Force Techniques: Force Stasis Field, Doppelganger, Force Cloak, Electric Judgement, Detoxify Poison, Force Heal, Force Grab, Force Jump, Force Throw, Telekinesis, Force Stealth, Hibernation Trance, Force Meld, Psychometry, Telepathy, Control and Sense, Alter Image, Alter Damage, Alter Environment, Animal Friendship, Mind Trick, Illusion, Force Speed
Name: Ashla Marlar
Rank: Untrained force sensitive-a padawan currently without a master

Force Alignment:
leaning towards light side, but not fully follows the Jedi code

Seeking: Master, preferably long term

What I Want to Learn (or Specializations, in the case of Masters): I want to learn the Jedi ways, such as using the force, using lightsabers, and specifically the ataru form (form IV)
Name: Tenzen Xero

Rank: Apprentice

Force Alignment: Light.

Seeking: Long term master.

What I Want to Learn: ​Fine with whatever is taught to him, but wants a focus on lightsaber forms.

OOC: Tenzen does have conflict with his emotions and needs someone to keep him on the right path. Having someone teach him the way of the Jedi is important to his character development.

Kiran Arlos

Name: Kiran Arlos

Rank: Apprentice

Force Alignment: Light/Neutral


What I Want to Learn (or Specializations, in the case of Masters): Looking for a long term Master or perhaps multiple Masters to instruct Kiran in the ways of the force and being a Jedi. I want to build up a strong Master/Padawan relationship as to help with future rps.


The Introspective Jedi
Name: Vennic Graves

Rank: Apprentice

Force Alignment: Light

Seeking: To be adopted by a loving, caring Master ^_^

-Single and Dual saber combat techniques(Specifically interested in Makashi, Ataru, Djem so, Niman, Vaapad and Jar'Kai)
-Adept and some advanced force techniques like force shield, force strength, force influence, force repulse and things of the like.
-basic and advanced fitness training in order to push the body to it's absolute limit.
-combat missions and sparring training/contests
-Overall looking for devoted pairing so the we can help to develop eachother's characters.

Thanks :]
Name: Lasky Rynn

Rank: Nothing, yet. Apprentice, I guess?

Force Alignment: None, yet.

Seeking: A master and/or mentor in the force, lightsaber combat, etc. Short-Term or Long-Term will do

What I Want to Learn (or Specializations, in the case of Masters):

Lightsaber Forms:

Form I - Shii Cho

Force Abilities:


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