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Eli-Mae Forrest

NAME: Eli-Mae Forrest
RANK: Knight
AGE: 22
SEX: female
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Natural Ginger
SKIN: Fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Phisiology- Being a Vahla she has in place of a normal skeleton she has a skeleton completely made of cartilage making it much harder for her to break bones and also allowing her to flex in ways a normal human could not
+hand to hand combat- She was trained in hand to hand combat at a young age for in her families travels there were many hazards and her father a jedi knight figured she should have a way to defend herself so he trained her in the ways of hand to hand combat thinking she wasn’t ready to learn the force or the ways of a jedi
-headstrong- she is extremely headstrong, meaning she is very likely to underestimate them, this can often lead her into trouble
- sassy- she is extremely sassy and it can come back to bite her in times of stress
As Above
Being born of a nomadic people Eli-Mae was born aboard her parent's starship while they traveled on toward the planet of Tython, they would only remain there as long as it took for her mom to recover from the delivery, it was soon after that they set out, they kept moving from planet to planet and the only real notable event happened on the crime ridden planet of Nar Shaddaa where while out on a mission to restock on rations a man started to hassle her father before attempting to kidnap her, at that moment she got her first glimpse of a lightsaber, as her father pulled his, a standard blue-bladed weapon which he used to frighten the man off, it was then that she was trained in hand to hand combat in many forms but never the force because her father didnt think she was ready, it was on the eve of her 16th birthday she left the ship she called home as her father had bought her a ship of her own as she was ready to move on and be her own person
Stock MC-18 light freighter
Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.
Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.

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