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Approved Tech Massassi Shield

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  • Intent: To create a useful item for TRE members
  • Image Source: Starcraft Concept Art
  • Canon Link: Shield Gauntlet, Stimulants
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Me, I'm great.
  • Manufacturer: The Resurgent Empire
  • Model: Massassi Shield
  • Affiliation: The Resurgent Empire
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited(PC's)
  • Material: Durasteel, Copper, Aurodium, Synthetic Crystal
  • Shield
  • Adrenal Injector
Shield - The Primary function of the Massassi Shield is exactly as it's name implies. The device projects a 'half-bubble' around the wearer, protecting them from damage.
Adrenal Injector - The Secondary function of the device is a hidden adrenal injector. This function injects the user with a cross of adrenals and stimulants, boosting strength, speed, and awareness through the use of stimulants.

  • Shield: The primary function of the Massassi Shield is to act as a form of protection. Through the use of ancient Sith Magics the Massassi Shield is capable of projecting a sort of 'half-bubble' similar in function to the bubble of protection. This bubble is of course not as strong as one projected by a force user, but can stand up to one or two lightsaber strikes, a laser cannon, or explosion before failing and needing recharge.
  • Adrenals: During combat, things have a way of...transcending the ordinary. It has long been a tradition of warriors, Mandalorians, and even Massassi to use stimulants in combat. Through the means of an injector built into the device the Massassi Shield is capable of injecting the wearer with a cocktail of stimulants that will aid them in combat.
  • Breakable: The Device itself is not made to be indestructable. It can be crushed with enough force, broken with a powerful hit of a vibrosword, and destroyed with the strike of a lightsaber.
  • Time Limit: The bubble that if formed by the Massassi shield does not last forever, rather it function on a sort of 'battery' charged with the force. At best the shield could remain up for a single minute, that time of course becomes cut when struck by a weapon, explosion, etc. When the shield fails it begins to crack and break, eventually 'shattering'. Once this occurs the shield must be recharged or the crystal that powers it replaced.
  • Adrenals: Drugs don't last forever, and the stimulants found in the Massassi Shield are no exception. Once the stimulants have been injected there is only a certain amount of time that they last, when they stop working...well it creates a bit of a hangover, making fighting difficult.
With the rise of the Resurgent Empire new technologies have become mixed with the old.

As one might expect, the Purebloods of Athiss have long since held to the ancient ways of their people. Most of the 'technology' found on Athiss and now Korriban is a mixture of what could have been found thousands of years ago along with more 'modern' aspects. This melting pot of technology has created a few unique innovations for both the Empire as a whole, and the warriors within.

A marked development of this is the creation of the Massassi Shield.

A combination of old Sith Magics and newer warrior tendencies, the Massassi shield brings together and auto-injector for battle stimulants as well as a way for the average warrior to better defend himself.

These devices are manufactured within the heart of Athiss, slowly churned out by the Sorcerers of the Logistics Sphere, crafted to aid the warriors of the Empire in battle. Though the device is neither massively innovative nor unique, they are simply meant to be a singular way to 'one-up' and opponent, providing the user with an opportunity to protect himself, and then further push himself in battle where it might not be expected.
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