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Marcello Matteo

The Arbiter
Character Name: Marcello Matteo, Baron Veruna
Faction: Galactic Alliance
Rank: Master
Age: 56
Height: 1.955 meters (6'5")
Weight: 113.398 kg (250 lbs)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Homeworld: Naboo
Force Sensitive: Yes


  • Athletic
  • Bladesman
  • Martial Artist
  • Ace Pilot
  • Analytical


  • Ranged Combat
  • Stubborn
  • Cynicism
  • Diplomacy


Born to a middle class family on Naboo, Marcello spent most of his youth living a comfortable yet modest lifestyle. From a very young age he was always rather intelligent, but he tended to squander whatever natural talents he had in sports, driving fast speeders, flying, drinking, and attempting to seduce every attractive female that came across his path. Shortly after finishing his studies in Astronautical Engineering at a University on Corellia, Marcello returned home to Naboo and joined the officer corps of the Naboo Royal Security Force. Hired as a full-time pilot due to his extensive civilian aviation experience and training, Marcello was quickly sent through the Security Force's in-house flight school. Graduating roughly a year later, he received an assignment to Bravo Squadron where he would remain for the vast majority of his career with the Naboo RSF.

As a member of the RSF, Marcello watched the leadership of Naboo change and shift quite frequently as a result of the ever-changing galactic climate. While he watched countless others rush off to join the cause of the various governments, Marcello contented himself to piloting the N-1T in a specialized interdiction unit that often responded to piracy and smuggler threats throughout the Mid-Rim and hitting the local bar scene when he wasn't deployed. Single, receiving plenty of military benefits, and making a pretty good salary - he had no worries. It was not until he received word that RSF Command intended to send him back planetside for a lengthy period of time to groom him for his first shore stint as an aid to some sycophantic senior officer or another that Marcello began to rethink his options.

After exhausting any possibility of staying in the air and avoiding a detail as a flag aide, he submitted his request for resignation. Roughly six months later, Marcello was back in a bar on Theed with no career and a rapidly dwindling savings account. It was not until one fateful night that he got into a pissing contest with some RSF cry-baby that Marcello started to re-think his options. Well...that's not accurate. What really happened was he was brought in by local authorities and then turned over to the RSF to answer for the several broken limbs he had given the aforementioned officer. In the end of the day...it was either pay a hefty fine and serve some time in a prison...or leave the planet.

Marcello traveled discreetly to Corellia where he took a job working for the Corellian Port Authority. Marcello's attitude hadn't changed much as he continued to find himself in some element of trouble. It wasn't until an elderly man approached him in a local cantina one night that his life began to change...abruptly. Over the course of the next ten years, Marcello learned more about himself and life than he'd ever thought possible. It was slow-going at first, Marcello's innate skepticism forcing him to reject the old man's notions of his command over the Force as ludicrous. With time, Marcello grew to draw strength from the man's lessons and tutelage.

During a private mission to Tatooine, Marcello's master was struck down by a pair of Dark Jedi. Master Kalin's sacrifice had been enough to allow Marcello the time he needed to initiate an escape from the planet, but one of the Dark Jedi quickly caught up to him. Following a lengthy confrontation between the two, Marcello killed the man that had killed his master and fled before the second Dark Jedi could become a larger problem. For several weeks following, Marcello was almost lost. Master Kalin had been like a father to him, and it was tough to immediately stomach the man's loss.

So...he did what he judged to be the right decision, and set out to find the Jedi Order that Master Kalin had spoken of only rarely. Instead, Marcello came across another Jedi by the name of Leori Sheltrak during a brief visit to Yavin IV. For quite some time, the two Jedi grew close as they continued to do what little they could to help stabilize the galaxy. Shortly after the completion of his training, Marcello and Leori went their separate ways.

Unlike Leori, Marcello moved towards finally joining the Jedi Order. It was the final honor he could do to his deceased original master. Outside of that, Marcello was well aware he needed the structure and guidance the Jedi Order could offer in order to keep from following in the footsteps of his ancestors.

Several years passed amidst Marcello's membership to the Jedi Order. Through a continuous existence of war and loss, Marcello eventually found the happiness that had eluded him since his late childhood. In the company of [member="Kiskla Grayson"], the Jedi Master was always content. Even in the face of their own respective weighty responsibilities to the galaxy at large, Marcello always manages to make it back to that which feels most like home.

Some time following the institution of the Galactic Alliance, Marcello traveled to his homeworld to finish executing the Will of his deceased parents. During his extended stay on Naboo, the Rogue Jedi Master discovered a deep-rooted secret as to his family's history. Armed with the recent knowledge of his lineage reaching back to the halls of the defunct House Veruna, Marcello traveled to the capital to seek an audience with the Queen, [member="Andromeda Versai"]. However, due to Marcello living most of his adult life as a simple servant of the people, he donated the entirety of his remaining fortune to the people of Naboo. He asked for no favors, and quietly departed the planet - merely conveying his desire to the Queen that his family name not be remembered for the dastardly actions of one ancestor.

Still. The blood of House Veruna, family of Naboo's first monarch, King Veruna, remained very much alive. In fact, it had expanded yet another generation in Isar Kislo and Loske Matson.


Dark Blue Soruna-class Interceptor
J-Type Apailana-class Elite Transport

Naboo Points of Interest
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