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Making us Laugh

I've been up nearly 20 hours in a row now, and ive spent the last 2-3 hours watching funny youtube videos(I'm sure you can all relate). Anyway i stumbled across this video.

Beyond its obvious Hilarious sentiments i actually found the video itself quite touching. I think its quite amazing how one person literally thousands of miles away can cheer up another person(or an entire room full of people) just by pulling some random internet hi-jinx. You can see in some of the reactions of people that they were truly down(or at least not in the greatest mood) and this dude managed to cheer them up in a heartbeat. I just think the internet all in all is quite remarkable because of things like this. As someone on reddit put it, i will never ever get tired of seeing people smile like this.

Anyway, just thought i'de share this bit of fun.

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