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LoTF, I thank you.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Seriously guys, thanks for being so karking amazing. As of late, the arguments and quarrels of the major factions has become obvious to the naked eye. But guess what? I see absolutely none of that here in Lords of the Fringe, quite possibly the best managed and run faction on the board. We're so tight-knit, it's like we're a community within a community. We're all brothers and sisters pushing for that common goal, the achievement of ultimate badassery. But in my book, being badass is defined as being named Dranok Lussk :p (Just Kidding).

But forreal, thanks for being flipping awesome. You guys are da bestest around, so you get this:

Yours Truly,
Dranok Lussk

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

I just want to say that my experience with you guys has been nothing short of wonderful.

OP was ehhh... VF was okayish... rogue was boring... CIS was close... but here's AWESOME!!!!
@[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"], @[member="Sargon Vynea"] EAT HIM EAT HIM EAT HIM! oh wait we aren't supposed to argue.

I mean no dont eat the guy.


With who.... we are in a non aggression pact with 4 factions including CIS