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Lost cause


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This won't effect many, but I do have a few active characters so I feel it should still be announced. Like the title says, I'm beginning to feel it's a lost cause to continue to try on the site. Multiple encounters on site have led to occasions where I am left feeling I did something wrong when I didn't, or that I didn't say something I should etc. Second guessing and getting irritated over a site isn't really what it's supposed to be about ya know? And so I think I'm going to take a short LOA, when I return I'll have decided whether to stay or not hopefully.

I love a lot of you guys on here, so I'll probably be back sooner then later. But until then I will be on occasionally for a few things:

-Zaiden has a duel with @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] that is mid way through, and rather interesting so I don't wish to drop it. An unfinished novel as they say.
-I just started a duel that I have been wanting for a long time against @[member="Spencer Jacobs"]
-Mission with @[member="Dranok Lussk"] and shinju

These I'll continue with as often as I feel acceptable while on LOA. Till I return, adios to those who care. To those who don't...later. lol
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] I hope you return soon.

I would however point out that a more careful reading of the site rules would have prevented any misunderstanding.

Still, I wish you all the best and I hope you return very soon. Despite the impression you might have gotten, you are a talented writer and a useful member of the site and I wish only the best for you.

Darth Vazela

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Kayla Zorg said:
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] return to us when you're all rested and happier buddy. :D


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@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] not what I meant. I meant I had wanted it since I first became a knight, not that youd taken long. I told you already about you taking as long as you need. Like I said I'll be around for those three things.

@[member="Dranok Lussk"] I know, that's why I want to finish that even of I do decide to leave on the end. Those mentioned are enough that I'll be back maybe once a day, but for now I'm done devoting time to something I feel is a lost cause.


Crazy Man McJangle
Always unfortunate to see someone go because of this.

I'm certainly not staff anymore, but feel free to come at me with anything you've got troubles with or want an outside eye/ear for.
Take care and hopefully you weren't deterred by what someone did.