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Looking for Student

Greetings if you are reading this than you must be wondering what this is. For a while I feel as if I am going nowhere with this character and so I have no idea what to do with him. Jakkor Kess is a very disillusioned. He has fought in both the Clone and Omega Wars and now has been into exile having no clue of where he belongs in the galaxy and that part of the reason why the force is out of balance is because of Jedi mostly being mere instruments of war rather than peacekeepers. He wishes to at least pass on what it truly means to be a Jedi to a student who is willing to learn. So I am kinda looking for that Luke/Rey Anakin/Ahsoka Kanan/Ezra type feel where I can make fun and interesting stories that have some connective tissue and are worth while. So if anyone is interested in Raping with a Tusken Jedi Knight let me know. :)

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