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Looking For Master!

Hello, hello, hello, it's that time of the year again when Libby posts up her LFG thread.

Anyway, I'm looking for someone to teach Meri here the ways of the Force, and combat, and whatever else could possibly go into that mix. I actually don't mind which side of the scale she ends up on, all I ask is that an actual Apprenticeship/long term story be formed. I don't like to rush to Knighthood.

If anyone is interested, throw me a line here, via PM, or in my Discord DMs.

I need a Hopper for my Eleven



Request Fulfilled; thank you everyone anyway!
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
[member="Meri Vi'dreya"] While Janick did, in fact, train several people on an one-off basis, she never had the chance to get deeper bonds with students than for one thread.

However, while infusions of knowledge (thanks to Memory Rub) are fine once and in a while, Janick has to be careful of infusing too much knowledge into her at any one time.