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Looking for guests!

Jedi Hotelier
For the Crown Nebula Hotel's tier-up requirements, since the hotel is a service-sector workshop (or more accurately a boutique 5-star hotel on Trandosha), there is one thing I cannot escape: personal commission threads. For more information about the hotel amenities, please click on the following link.

Here's my wishlist for the workshop threads:
  1. A guest willing to be the first guest to stay in the Imperial Suite. (Mastercraft quest)
  2. Hotel guests
  3. Restaurant guests


I -see- you.
[member="Varindar Asyt"]

Sadly, I wouldn't be likely to have a solo stay anywhere, not at my current location within my story. But maybe if Kay dragged me along.
Second Brother
[member="Varindar Asyt"], If you are open for a possible date night between myself and [member="Sahna Te"], then I am sure we can maybe come up with something. Not sure on when it will happen because I know that the writer for Sahna has a couple threads she is working on.


Well-Known Member
[member="Varindar Asyt"] I can make room in my threads I'm sure

[member="Ignis Imura"] a date? Oooh what ever will I wear, my love?

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
[member="Varindar Asyt"] Imperial suite? How about some political plots and shady deals being signed in there? How thorough is your hotel when it comes to background checks?

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
[member="Varindar Asyt"] Sounds like a good spot to plot some shady politics, then. Will try to plop a reply tonight, but I'm not very active during the week, due to 16 hour work shifts.