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Looking for friends.

The Dravalan, Mattyboi's species are scattered and likely to die out without some form of direction. But, they're an incredibly formidable species, just going by their genetics. I plan on having Matador, return to known space after my LOA is concluded in hopes of trying to put their civilisation back together, figure out a solution to the practically inevitable death of his mother species.

​The eventual objective would be to use a mixture of both Human and Dravalan DNA to make a proto-race for them to live on through. If anybody would be interested in helping me establish my tribe. That'd be really awesome.

​You can message me or just tag me, whatever works.

​I'm just here to have fun and nerd out a bit.

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
[member="The Matador"]

Nice to see your back bud, if you got no other choices I would like to thread with you.

Nonetheless, it is nice to see your back here to cause more chaos. :p