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Looking for an Mandalorian Ally

Recently I had an idea that is a little bit weird, but tbh this is chaos so chances are that someone is up to it anyway.

With the current reemergence of the Mandos as an influential power in the chaos galaxy I would like to have Abyss play a part it in it as well. While I don't plan to have him become a mando himself, he is the kind of person that tires to have his hand anywhere possible. To do that I am searching for a mandalorian character that will become his ally inside the faction/s. The whole idea is a classical "deal with the devil" scenario, as I am looking for a character with little influence and resources as of now that can then expand into an own clan etc thanks to assets Abyssr can offer. In return he has a say in the clan and a little bit in mando matters through the clan.

And just so you all don't get worried or anything, this is just meant as a fun arc that leads to a weird, slightly isolated clan that offers pretty good training for all force sensitive members and not to some crazy attempt to take over the mandos or something equally crazy lol.

So yeah anyone interested?


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Sounds like what happened with the Daemon Clan...

I might be interested in also being a shadowy backer, if a second sounds interesting. Mixed concerns etcetera. Could be good

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