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Approved Tech Lodestone Device

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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.


Intent: To create a neat tech tool with a variety of applications.
Canon Link: Gravity Belt
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Tricks of the Trade
Model: TTOT-006 Lodestone
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
Material: Duraplast, Electronics, Power cell, Personal Gravity field Generator, Synthetic Sarvin


Synthetic Sarvin Adhesive Strip
Variable Gravity Field
Companion Control Device
Gee Whiz: Operating in a similar fashion to a gravity belt, the Lodestone can generate a controllable gravitational field around any suitable object it happens to be attached to. At the highest setting it can increase the gravity by a factor of four, while at the lowest it can simulate zero gee conditions.
Rugged: Duraplast offers a moderate degree of resistance from electro-magnetic pulses and ionic energy. It also allows it to stand up to reasonable wear and tear.
Smol: Roughly about five centimetres in diameter, it can be easily concealed should you be of a mind.
Weight Limit: Each device is only capable of affecting 200kg of mass. Above that and you’ll need to use more devices to compensate.
Size Limit: Each device is only capable of generating a field 3m in diameter. When attached to anything larger than that, and the field is likely to only affect part of the object. Additional devices can compensate for this.
Range Limit: The Lodestone requires the operator to be within 30ft in order to receive commands from the wrist control device.
Time Limit: Generating a gravitational field obviously requires a lot of energy to maintain. The power cell in each device is rated to last for approximately ten minutes of standard use, although this is reduced to two when set to the highest and lowest gravitational settings. Likewise, when attached to an object at the top end of its weight limit, the drain on the power cell is further increased.
Security Limit: The signal that the device is controlled only weakly encrypted. A talented slicer should have no issue in


Starting out life as nothing more than a cannibalized gravity belt with a few modifications, the Lodestone was initially just a side project to wile away the hours onboard the Gossamer. A simple application of pre-existing technology to lighten both the moods and burdens placed upon the expedition’s crew.
Over time the device was refined and reworked several times over to varying degrees of success, becoming almost an obsession for Dash as he tried to perfect it both as a viable tool and a possible weapon in the ongoing pranking war that was waged in the bowels of the Engineering bays. The latter being what motivated him to finally complete the current incarnation.
The actual device itself is still fairly simple in nature. Comprised of a small circular disc, no more than five centimetres across, it incorporates a powerful gravitational field generator that allows it to temporarily create and control the gravity around any object it is attached to.
To apply the device, one merely needs to remove the protective covering on the sarvin adhesive strip and press the device firmly against the intended object. Once in place, the device will automatically activate and sync with any wrist control device within 100m. Once this has occurred, the operator can increase and decrease the gravitational field around the object as needed.
For those that enjoy the thrill of surprise, there is also a randomize function that shifts intermittently between both extremes every few seconds.
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