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Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
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Name: Laekia

Region: Tingel Arm
System: Kalos System
Suns: 1, Kalos, G Type main sequence star.
Orbital Position: Fourth Planet, Habitable Zone
Moons: Tingellia, Therox, and Farthas. Each uninhabitable, but mineable with zero-G and zero-atmostphere equipment. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]Coordinates:[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt] I believe it's W-6, but this is for further clarification[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Yes, I'm a photoshop master. You should be in awe. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Rotational Period: 22 Galactic Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 298 Days

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: 1[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt] Climate:[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Oceans(Majority), Mountains and Forest(Majority of land on the planet), Valley full of craters and volcanoes(Minority of land of planet)[/SIZE]

Native species: No Sentients Native
Immigrated species:
[SIZE=8pt]Kamarians – 43%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Humans – 17%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Tiss’shar – 13%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Hiitians – 9%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Duros – 8%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Whiphid – 6%[/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Quermians – 4%[/SIZE]

Native Flora and Fauna:
Hanave Fruit
Sea Cabbage
Sidi Gourd
Berbesian Crabs

[SIZE=8pt]Primary languages: Galactic Basic
Government: Oligarchy, with the nine wealthiest sentients being seated as the planet’s councilors. They decide as a group how to tax and and mobilize the planet’s militia.
Population: 5 Billion
Demonym: Laekians
Major cities: Lavorn(Capital)
Major imports: Labor(Before Gulag Plague), None(After Gulag Plague)
Major exports: Durasteel components(Primarily mined from the moons), foodstuffs, tourism.(Before Gulag Plague) None(Since Gulag Plague)
Affiliation: The Levantine Sanctum

Culture: [/SIZE]As Laekia was mainly created as a business opportunity, the culture of the planet started as largely mercantile in nature. Society evolved with a “me first” mentality, with favors only being down with a ‘what can you do for me’ mentality. Once the Gulag Plague caused planetary lockdown the planet continued along with such a philosophy, bartering naturally finding it’s way into the culture. Eventually however, the Gulag Plague and the isolation of the world came to be seen as a sort of divine punishment, encouraging a more spiritual side of the inhabitants. While no specific god or deity was worshipped, a strong respect for ‘Fate’ and the predestination of all creature emerged, with the more wealthy being seen as the more blessed, and thus more ‘just’.

​As the culture of the planet is decidedly businesslike, an average day is filled mostly with working, along with enjoying the bountiful foods offered by the planet itself. Restaraunts, bars, and clubs naturally developed as the planets 'entertainment' sector, though the scene there is mostly relaxed. Enjoying the end of a days work rather than partying it up afters. Eccessive indulgences are seen as foolish, a waste of one's money, so lavish consumption of alcohols and other such materials are only practiced by the extremely wealthy. While initially the only 'tradition' of the world was making money, as the gulag plague isolated the planet and it's more spiritual side became evident some of the more religious tenants began taking their lunch hour to meditate, believing that the absence of physical sustenances and pleasures allowed one to better see one's fate, perhaps even be blessed by it. While it was never adopted by the whole planet, many businesses are known to give a meditation hour, and a fifteen minute lunch break as a respect for this practice. Again, while the religious side of the planet is evident, it is expressed merely in a person to person basis, no temples or shrines havebeen built, with fate and destiny being seen as paths, verbs rather than dieties, Such a waste of money would be seen as one who has lost their senses, that fate has taken their mind.
Technology: Technology is about equal to the rest of the galaxy as they came out of the gulag plague, with the exception for military technology, which is behind the curve as the colony is primarily mercantile in nature. With little outside contact since the Gulag Plague most technology is reused and recycled 400 year old tech.
History: Laekia existed in solitude for most of its ‘history’, until a small business firm on the Planet Bonadan considered funding a trip to explore the edges of the Tingel Arm to see if they could find any planets worth colonizing in 256 ABY. Their journey eventually lead them to Kryikal, already inhabited by the Mon Calamari and Ithorians. Thus they moved on to find a planet with a rather diverse ecosystem, with fruitful forests, rich oceans, and a valley full of wild volcanos. With the planet being a goldmine of foodstuffs and the three moons being discovered to be rich with lommite, zersium, meeleenium, neutronium, and carvanium(Between the three. No one moon contains all the components), the planet and it’s three moons became a good source of work, provided you avoided the Volano filled Goridian Valley.

[SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]A small government was formed as an oligarchy, with the richest(And thus, hopefully the wisest) members leading it’s council. With a philosophy of ‘less is more’ taxes were sparse, and only used to fund the planet’s military, more a small militia than a military in truth. With little tax laws and lots of apparent opportunity more and more colonists came in looking for work, primarily from Bonadan, Kamar, Quermia, Toola, and other nearby planets, resulting in a diverse population filled with Humans(from many worlds), Thiss’shar, Duros and Hiitians(From Bonadan), Kamarians(From Kamar), Quermians(From Quermia), and Whiphids(From Toola). Other than expanding the colonies with more species and locations the next century and a half went relatively quietly, with no major combat breaking out on the world, civil or otherwise, partly due to its remote location. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Once the Gulag Plague was unleashed however, the worlds trade plummeted, with no one risking a trip out that far into the Tingel Arm. The planet was thankfully self-sufficient with one of it’s biggest export being foodstuffs. Though Humans were the largest population on the planet, in 400 years the Kamarians became the largest population due to the insectoid race breeding much more quickly than the mammalian humans, though that did not mean they climbed the social or economical ladder, still remaining at the bottom of the planets unofficial hierarchal ladder. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=8pt]Due to the planets remoteness Laekia is actually unaware the scourge of the Gulag Plague has ended, and hasn’t contacted any major worlds or nations since the Gulag Plague’s outbreak.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=8pt]Notable PC's:[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=8pt]None(Yet)

Intent: [/SIZE]To expand the planetary options of major factions wishing to expand in the Tingel Arm, as well as create a resource world for such factions.
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Interesting... Though the cultural information isn't enough. Just add some information about traditions, daily life, etc. and I think then it will be OK. :)

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