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Approved Planet Kyrikal

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Ashin Varanin

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Name: Kyrikal

Region: Wild Space
System: Kyriaki
Suns: Asonthos, main sequence type-G yellow star
Orbital Position: Habitable zone, 3rd planet
Moons: 27, mostly uninhabited. Notable moons are Kyrikal 3, 5, 9 and 17, detailed below
Coordinates: W-6 on the Essential Atlas map, in the blank arm to the right of Mon Calamari
Rotational Period: 10 standard hours
Orbital Period: 876 local days

Class: Gas giant
Diameter: 190,000km
Atmosphere: Type 3
Climate: Gas giant, perpetual storms
Gravity: 2.2 Standard
Primary Terrain: N/A

-Kyrikal 3
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,000km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Temparate
Gravity: 1.0 Standard
Primary Terrain: Arid, grassy, cool but not frozen poles, large oceans

-Kyrikal 5
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,000km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Temperate to cold
Gravity: 0.9 Standard
Primary Terrain: Deciduous and coniferous forest, arctic, many lakes, some oceans

-Kyrikal 9
Diameter: 14,000km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Warm
Gravity: 1.2 Standard
Primary Terrain: Oceanic, scattered jungle islands

-Kyrikal 17
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 10,000km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Arid
Gravity: 0.8 Standard
Primary Terrain: Desert, high mountain ranges, patches of scattered forest on the coastal side of the mountains

Native species: No sentient natives. Sand burrowers and Tikulini can be found on Kyrikal 17.
Immigrated species: Mon Calamari (85%), Ithorian (15%)
Primary languages: Mon Calamarian, Galactic Standard Basic
Government: Federal Republic
Population: 0 (Kyrikal), 1.2 billion (Kyrikal 3), 320 million (Kyrikal 5), 180 million (Kyrikal 9), 80 million (Kyrikal 17)
Demonym: Kyrikalli
Major cities: Gialca (on Kyrikal 3), Chalca (on Kyrikal 5), Adoraca (on Kyrikal 9), Jemica (on Kyrikal 17)
Major imports: None. The Kyrikal system has been isolated by the Gulag Virus and the Dark Age until very recently, and it is extremely remote. It is self-sufficient.
Major exports: None. The Kyrikal system is not connected to the galaxy in any meaningful way.
Affiliation: None at present.

Culture: Centuries of isolation, without the element of racial conflict present on Dac, have lend a new dichotomy to this society. The Mon Cala are culturally heterogeneous, ranging from warlike to pacifistic depending on their acceptance of the principles of the Ithorian priests. Wandering, pacifist nature priests form, by and large, the most common spiritual movement in the Kyrikal system. Their ranks include quite a few Mon Cala, though the main bulk of the order is Ithorian. A few Jal Shey and Tyia Thuwisten are present throughout the system.

Kyrikal 3 is the center of the system's civilization, colonized 90 ABY. Though not heavily populated by galactic standards, it is the most populous moon in the system, and home to the high-tech manufacturing, including limited shipyard capacity, that keeps the system running. Its population suffers from wealth inequality. Its factories have a voracious appetite for ore and salvaged metal, and asteroid miners and salvagers are common throughout the system. Visitors to the world are normally lumped into the same category as those miners and salvagers -- lower-class, but essential. Prejudice is relatively rare, or at least not overt.

Kyrikal 5 and 9 are secondary colonies (colonized 92 and 95 ABY, respectively) with heavily liberal and environmentally friendly settlements. Nature priests are common here. These settlements have large numbers of nature-related holidays and festivals, intertwined with the seed and harvest times of common crops, and the life cycles of great trees and significant fauna species.

Kyrikal 17 is a mining world, colonized 93 ABY, with deserts rich in the raw materials for electronics and shipbuilding. Cost of living in the desert is high, due to the price of moisturizer and fresh fish. Non-pacifist Ithorians, large and strong, work the mines alongside Mon Calamari. Kyrikal 17 became strong enough to fight a war of liberation against Kyrikal 3 two hundred years ago, in 620 ABY, and now controls its own resources in a symbiotic relationship with Kyrikal 3. Inhabitants of Kyrikal 17 prize integrity in work, straight talk, and self-discipline, but are frequently fond of liquor. Work hard, play hard might as well be the motto of this moon.

Technology: The Kyrikal system is as technologically advanced as any planet in the aftermath of the Dark Age. Though it is self-sufficient and more or less equivalent to an Outer Rim standard level of technology, the majority of Kyrikal's technological items are re-used, patched, and re-used again.
History: Colonized centuries before the Gulag Virus (roughly 90 ABY), Kyrikal was a political satellite of Dac in the years before Darth Krayt's rule. The Ithorian diaspora, after Ithor's destruction at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, eventually made its way back to Ithor, but several herd ships participated in the Mon Calamari colonization of the remote Kyrikal system. As many particulars of the system's history are noted in the 'Culture' section, suffice it to say that the system survived the Dark Ages and the resulting period of military expansion by remaining entirely cut off from the galaxy.

Being located in the hyperspace disturbance that surrounds the galaxy and permeates the Unknown Regions, Kyrikal's hyperroutes to the outside galaxy are treacherous and few. It was not until a hyperspace explorer named Jorus Merrill stumbled upon the old system that Kyrikal began to be known, and even then not by many.

All four inhabited moons are part of a single federal system. Each moon is internally democratic and federal as well. Representation is not currently granted, however, to the numerous mining stations -- either corporate-owned or independent -- which process the moonlets or the solar system's three asteroid fields (one at orbital position 2 in the system, one at orbital position 2 around the gas giant, and one at orbital position 14 around the gas giant). The asteroid fields also hold wrecks both ancient and modern, as well as occasional pirates. This political system has existed since 710 ABY, though similar governments were instituted from 90 to 130 ABY and from 140 to 440 ABY. The Dark Age saw a search for security, causing a dictatorial schism until 450 ABY, at which point republican forms of government were reinstated by popular uprising. Kyrikal's history has been, apart from a couple of wars, relatively peaceful between 90 ABY and the present day, due to the influence of Ithorian priests, Thuwisten, and a few Jal Shey.

Notable PC's: None as of yet.

Intent: A foundation for a potential faction and for many happy asteroid mining RPs. Also, the galaxy needs more Mon Cal and Ithorians.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Darth Malificete"] - knowing what you wanted for Hagron's World, I made similar edits to Kyrikal just now.
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