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Approved Tech KVX 'Retribution' Class Kyber Cannon

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  • | Intent | To submit a unique weapon designed for integration into a capital ship, delivering increased output based on damage taken.
  • | Image Source | Source
  • | Canon Link | N/A
  • | Permissions | N/A
  • | Primary Source | Destructor Beam / Superlaser


  • | Classification | Capital Ship Kyber Cannon
  • | Size | Extremely Large
  • | Weight | Extremely Heavy
  • | Ammunition Type | Isotope-5
  • | Ammunition Capacity | Small
  • | Effective Range | Extreme
  • | Rate of Fire | Low
  • | Stopping Power | Extreme
  • | Recoil | None

  • Revenge Counter
  • Scanner Protected

  • | Revenge Counter | The Retribution Class Cannon is based on a simple principle; The more damage the system or ship it is attached to is hit, the more powerful the ensuing blast output. Being connected to the shield system, the Retribution draws more power from the damage the shields sustains without drawing power away from the system, thus allowing it to create a powerful blast akin to a composite laser. This allows the Retribution to store immense power that amplifies as the damage is taken before being released in a powerful beam. A fully charged Retribution cannon mounted to a Super Star Dreadnaught can cut through numerous Star Destroyers with a single well-aligned shot, while being able to inflict immense, if not critical damage to other Super Star Dreadnaughts.
  • | Concealed Weapon | Through the use of Nutorium, the Retribution Class Cannon is capable of being concealed from starship sensors, and can be kept hidden until brought out into physical view. The Nutorium integrated into its construction completely masks the amount of energy that is being stored within the cannon from scanners.
  • | Charge Up | The Retribution Class Cannon is extremely weak when uncharged compared to most weapons of its size, being equatable to a slightly more powerful turbolaser. The Retribution only reaches full potential for devastation once the system it is connected to has sustained an immense amount of damage. This makes the Retribution ill-suited for engagements against numerous spread out opponents as it lacks the ability to fire in rapid succession with enough force to incapacitate or destroy vessels of similar size to the one it is attached to.


The KVX 'Retribution' Class Kyber Cannon is a massive experimental weapons project developed by ApexTech Industries and its subsidiary Yato Automata, designed to be mounted to be a capital ship's answer to hostile Super Star Dreadnaughts. As its name implies, the Retribution functions off a simple, but highly effective principle; sustain more damage, and then deliver a devastating and highly lethal counter-attack.
ApexTech Industries and Yato Automata approached this challenge of creating such a weapon without negatively impacting the way the ship it was mounted to function. In the end, they were able to create a system that perfectly synergized with a well-defended capital ship, a system that generated power when damage was taken by shields, thus allowing the Retribution to be charged without draining power from systems such as the shields, engines or weapons.
It is sturdily constructed, being able to sustain damage without the possibility of it becoming critically compromised from a stray shot directed at it thanks to its combination of quadanium steel and impervium. The use of dallorian alloy helps to prevent the weapon itself from melting itself when fired, retaining its integrity before and after firing while the use of nutorium conceals the energy signature of the Retribution cannon from sensors if it is concealed from view, thus making it a deadly trump card that can be brought out to turn a fight. Its usage of a large Hurrikaine crystal as a focusing crystal also allows for the laser-produced by the Retribution to penetrate through defenses well. This also produces a laser with a distinctly purple hue to it.
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Balance wise
Unique -4
Extremely Large -3
Extremely Heavy -3
Extremely Small -3
Battlefield +2
Very Low -2
Extreme +3
None +3
Overall Balance -7, please either bump some things up or we can pass it through as is. Your choice
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Ammunition Capacity has been bumped to Small from Extremely Small, Range to Extreme from Battlefield, and Rate of Fire to Low from Very Low. For what it is and does, I think its rating suit it just fine without the need for further modifications.
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