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Character Kestrel Dray

Kestrel Dray


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    When I was little I'd look up at the stars and dream of the heroes whose glory was written in the sky.
    Then I'd wonder, could there be a star out there that was for me? Just waiting to be written on...

  • Known As:
    Kestrel Dray


    Born in Space

    The Wardens of Light

    Character Type:
    Jedi Shadow

    Current Locale:
    To be determined



    Marital Status:

    Force Sensitive:

  • Species:
    Zeltron / Unknown Lupine
    [The truth of her parentage has only recently been discovered, after a medallion she wore to suppress her Lupine genetics broke. Uncovering yet another lie from her mother.]


    120 lbs | 54 kg

    Midnight Black

    Eye Color:
    Cerise Pink

    Light Pink

    Distinguishing Marks:
    Carries whip scarring along her back and torso from her years as a slave on Tatooine
    Tattooed the majority of her back in an effort to hide her marks.
    Mechanical left arm from the middle of her bicep and downwards.
    Consistently wears a medallion around her neck - Seems to carry some special meaning.

  • Maternal Family
    Magena Dray [Mother]
    Nekana Quane [ Older Half-Sister]
    Kenara Dray [Twin-Sister]
    Aspen Dray Aspen Dray [Older Half-Brother]

    Paternal Family
    Ignasius Van-Derveld Ignasius Van-Derveld [Father]
    Kastis Van-Derveld [Aunt]
    Cat Van-Derveld Cat Van-Derveld [Uncle]
    Firenne Van-Derveld Firenne Van-Derveld [Cousin]
    Vega Van-Derveld [Uncle]
    Razielle Van-Derveld [Aunt]
    Valeska Van-Derveld [Cousin]
    Dejah Van-Derveld [Cousin]
    Damien Van-Derveld Damien Van-Derveld [Cousin]
    Daeva Van-Derveld [Cousin]

    Judah Lesan Judah Lesan [Jedi Master and Guide]
    Judah Lesan Jr. Judah Lesan Jr. [Acquaintance]
    Arekk Arekk [Friend]
    Børre Drage [Jedi Padawan]
    Vanir Eris Vanir Eris [Acquaintance]

    None, as of yet.

  • Personality

    Hardened By Desert Sands
    Growing up on Tatooine bred a certain seriousness into her soul. Between the harsh climates of the twin sun world, and her circumstances as a slave, she developed a strong pragmatic steadfastness. She is experienced in survival, and able to endure many great hardships.

    Sharp As A Whip
    She has a quick and discerning intellect, helping her to be able to think her way out of most predicaments.

    To look at a difficult circumstance and find the hope to carry on, has been an invaluable strength to get through some of the hardest moments of her life.

    She’s an adrenaline junky, and has broken more than a few bones in her body because of her inability to resist a challenge

    A Jedi Craves Not These Things
    She is curious about the Galaxy and wants to experience anything and everything that she can. She chases adventure whenever the opportunity presents itself, much to the chagrin of her master.


    Right Arm Prosthetic

    Kestrel lost her right arm in an accident from when she was a child. While the arm has a few hidden compartments for gadgets and even a wrist rocket, it is old, outdated, and something she pulled from a salvaging pile. She is constantly tinkering with her arm and repairing it but has never been able to figure out how to make the sensor pads in the fingertips work. Thus, she doesn't feel the usual sensations that someone with an organic limb, or just a higher-quality prosthetic, might.
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Kestrel Dray


  • Adept
    Force Speed
    Force Bellow

    Force Listening
    Force Flash
    Force Empathy
    Force Bellow

    Hibernation Trance
    Force Meld

  • Lightsaber Skills
    Shii-Cho ||||||
    Makashi ||||||


    Growing up in Mos Eisley brought many opportunities to meet all sorts of people.
    One visitor whose name she never caught, seemed particularly interested in Kestrel and gifted her a star map on her seventh birthday, sparking her interest in astrogation. Over time, she learned how to read the chart from the random drifters and pilots that passed through, further honing her skills once Judah Lesan took her on as his Padawan learner.

    Mechanical Aptitude
    Kes learned about ships and how things worked both from what Tavid taught her and through scavenging.
    She prides herself on this ability, even if there are times when what she's fixed isn't much better than when it was broken.
    Even if barely functional, it's still working, right?

  • The Rebel Dream
    An old YT-1200 that Kestrel practically built from scratch,
    pulling it out of a junk pile as part of her plan to escape from Tatooine before Judah found her.
    Sadly, the ship gave it's last hurrah over the atmosphere of Arvala 7.

    The Mesra
    An old T-6 shuttle retrofitted with armament. It is used, but not falling apart.

  • My sister and I were born in the void of space on Magena Dray’s star ship. There were no birth records, no home world, no father to claim us, just a cruel, chaotic, Galaxy, and a mother who couldn’t be rid of us fast enough.

  • Taking a Stand
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