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Approved Tech KC-6M303 Proton Beam Cannon

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Evil Genius

  • Intent: To create a proton beam cannon for a flagship
  • Image Source: The banners and the sound effect are my own work
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Classification: Proton Beam Cannon
  • Size: Extremely Large
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Protons
  • Ammunition Capacity: Extremely Large
  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Very Low

  • KC-O682 'Crucible' Isotope-5 Compact Reactors - The KC-6M303 'Perdition' beam cannon is powered by four compact Isotope-5 reactors, in order to meet the high power requirements of this weapon without the use of Kyber Crystals. The reactors come equipped with core ejection systems, which allow their cores to be jettisoned into space in the event of an imminent meltdown, preventing a catastrophic explosion at the cost of leaving the weapon without power and unable to fire in the event of such a scenario

  • Nowhere To Run: The KC-6M303 cannon has a very long range, capable of maintaining beam integrity at battlespace distances due to its sheer size and the amount of power fed into it
  • Terror Of The Battlespace: Powered by four Isotope-5 reactors, the KC-6M303 is an extremely powerful weapon system, being able to inflict damage comparable to that of a Kyber Crystal-enhanced beam cannon of similar size, but without the use of Kyber Crystals in its construction

  • Isotope-5 Reactors: The power of the KC-6M303 comes at a cost, requiring the use of four Isotope-5 reactors. Due to safety precautions, these reactors are configured to jettison their cores out into space in the event of an imminent meltdown, which would leave the weapon without sufficient power to fire
  • Axial Weapon System: Due to its sheer size, the KC-6M303 is fitted as an axial system, requiring the entire ship to turn and point at the target in order to fire, which requires a degree of precision that increases with the distance from the target, taking considerable amount of time to aim, significantly decreasing the weapon's rate of fire
  • Hit Me Where It Hurts: Utilizing a pair of extremely powerful capacitor banks which require the use of a cryoban coolant system to prevent overheating, disabling this coolant system would lead to catastrophic damage that would render the weapon inoperable

Conceived by the most brilliant minds of the Eternal Empire's vast military-industrial complex and developed under the utmost secrecy over a period spanning more than a decade, the KC-6M303 Proton Beam Cannon is Karavin Concern's magnum opus, the most powerful, advanced and terrifying weapon system the conglomerate has ever produced. It is an extremely expensive and complex piece of technology, making use of four powerful and highly unstable Isotope-5 reactors to power its beam.

The bleeding edge of Imperial technology and a seeming demonstration of its power and mastery over the battlespace, the KC-6M303 is an engine of destruction capable of inflicting catastrophic damage against a target, although it is a highly specialized weapon system developed and optimized for the exclusive use against large capital and supercapital ships, requiring a considerable amount of time to charge and aim.

Utilizing four KC-O682 'Crucible' Isotope-5 compact reactors as the core of its design, the KC-6M303 is capable of outputting destructive power comparable to that of a similarly-sized Kyber Crystal-enhanced proton beam cannon, without, however, requiring the use of Kyber Crystals anywhere within its components. Featuring a pair of very powerful capacitor banks, it requires the use of an extensive cryoban-powered coolant system which, if damaged or disabled by a precise shot or a strafing starfighter, would leave the weapon inert and inoperable. Similarly, damage to any of the reactors powering the weapon would cause them to jettison their cores out into space, with the same outcome.

Despite its drawbacks, the KC-6M303 should not be underestimated, as it makes up for its shortcomings with immense firepower and extreme range, being capable of hitting targets at battlespace distances, potentially inflicting devastating damage to an enemy vessel.

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