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Karavin Concern

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War



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  • Corporation Name: Karavin Concern
  • Headquarters: Karavin Tower, Arcenon, Nelvaan
  • Locations:
    • Karavin Shipyards - Kalidan
    • Karavin Arsenal Factory - Kalidan
    • Karavin Laboratories - Kalidan
    • Advanced Concepts Laboratories - Kalidan
    • Karavin Motorworks Factory - Kalidan
    • Bakura State Shipyards - Bakura
    • Annaj Blasterworks - Anaj
  • Operations: Shipbuilding, Armament Production, Research

Based out of the Industrial District in Arcenon, on Kalidan, Karavin Concern is a publicly traded military-industrial conglomerate specializing in armament production, shipbuilding and the development of military and civilian technologies related to the aforementioned sectors. A joint venture between private investors and the Eternal Empire's strategic investments office, KC is a relative newcomer on the market, with ambitious plans for expansion.

Specializing in fast, high-tech military & civilian vessels, as well as sophisticated small arms and armor for infantry use, Karavin Concern's line of products is considered above average, if priced a bit steep (with a few notable exceptions in their line of military small arms).

At the forefront of military technology, Karavin invests a significant portion of its operating budget into cutting-edge research, some of which is highly classified due to its government-related purpose. Aside from its headquarters in Arcenon, the conglomerate also owns a shipyard and a research facility on the same planet, as well as a factory.


Partly funded by the Eternal Empire through its strategic investments program, as well as a significant contribution from private stakeholders, Karavin Concern operates as a privately-owned company that is publicly traded at the Arcenon Imperial stock exchange, run by the aforementioned stakeholders, but which has significant contractual obligations towards the Eternal Empire's government, as part of the conditions for eligibility for the strategic investments program.

The growing military-industrial conglomerate operates out of a large office building, situated within Arcenon's prestigious Industrial District. Aside from its headquarters, the company also maintains and operates a number of other facilities, such as its shipyard in orbit of Kalidan and a secluded, highly secure research facility on the same planet, as well as a recently constructed factory located in the planet's north, which has been warmly received by the locals due to the employment opportunities it offers, as well as the relatively high salaries, compared to the local average.

Seventy percent of the conglomerate's profits are split between the various private stakeholders, while the remaining thirty percent go towards the Eternal Empire's government. Additionally, as part of its contractual obligations towards the government, Karavin Concern runs a number of state-related research programs, which are highly classified, closely guarded secrets.


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