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Factory Denied KC-6M303 'Perdition' F-SpAr Cannon

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Evil Genius

  • Intent: To create a weapon for a Super Star Destroyer
  • Image Source:
    • Ship: JBJHJM @DeviantArt
    • Banners: My own work, for use by EE faction members only
    • Sound Effect: My own work, made specifically for this submission. Please do not reuse.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Classification: Scalar Composite Beam Cannon
  • Size: Extremely Large
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Dark Energy, Conditioned Hypermatter, Cronau Radiation
  • Ammunition Capacity: Extremely Small - Must be recharged after every shot
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Extreme

  • Kyber Crystal Capacitor Banks: In order to handle the immense power requirements, the Perdition cannon is equipped with Kyber Crystal capacitor banks that are capable of storing much higher amounts of power than comparatively-sized, conventional systems
  • Isotope-5 Reactors: In order to provide the necessary power, the weapon is outfitted with a set of four Isotope-5 reactors capable of producing a tremendous amount of energy
  • Hypermatter Conditioning Chambers: The Perdition cannon utilizes hypermatter as its ammunition, which is fed into a special chamber and contained within extremely powerful repulsor fields. There, it is subjected to an intense bombardment of Dark Energy at pressure and temperature levels comparable to conditions found in the universe roughly three hundred seconds after the Big Bang, altering its properties to produce what is known as Conditioned Tachyons by forcing them to oscillate in place at superluminal velocities. This strips the Hypermatter particles of their ability to travel at superluminal speeds, hovever it converts them into extremely high-energy, highly unstable particles capable of destabilizing systems such as reactors, shield generators and hyperdrives, potentially causing power surges with a chance of catastrophic results, the effect being dependent on the amount of power being present withing the affected circuits, with a minimum threshold beneath which the weapon will have no effect
  • Phase-Inverted Beam Stabilizer Array: The Conditioned Tachyons are then fed through a device known as a Phase-Inverted Beam Stabilizer Array, essentially a heavily modified, upscaled and stripped down hyperdrive motivator which further modifies and condenses these particles into a metastable beam
  • Tesseract Sequence Initiator: After the process of converting the Hypermatter into weaponized Conditioned Tachyons, the particles are fed through a machine known as a Tesseract Sequence Initiator, which wraps them in a field of gravitationally-contained Cronau Radiation designed to trick these particles into behaving as if they were travelling through hyperspace in order to maintain beam cohesion, accelerates them to high speeds and fires them towards the weapon's target
  • Conditioned Tachyons: The weapon fires a beam of what is known as conditioned tachyons, hypermatter that has its physical properties altered. Through the process by which they are created, these particles take on properties similar to dark matter, becoming non-interacting with any matter they come into contact with, except through gravity and electromagnetism. Due to their properties, while they can not cause any direct physical damage to a target, they can destabilize the currents of energy within electronic systems, causing power surges to occur if the amount of energy within a machine exceeds a certain critical mass, thus potentially causing damage to those systems, the consequences of which can be catastrophic

  • The Bigger They Are: The Perdition cannon functions by destabilizing high-power systems such as reactors, shield generators and hyperdrives, potentially causing power surges within these complex mechanisms. The weapon's effectiveness depends on the size of these systems and the amount of power currently cycling through them, the effects being lesser at lower energy levels, but increasing with potentially devastating results at higher levels of power. In theory, the Perdition cannon is much more effective against a far larger target, although the weapon's nature prevents accurate predictions of the scale of the chain reactions it causes, as the overall damage to a target can vary greatly and depends on specific conditions, since the weapon does not, by itself, inflict any damage, only its potential effects do
  • Nowhere To Run: The Perdition cannon has a very long range, capable of maintaining beam integrity at battlespace distances due to its sheer size and the amount of power fed into it
  • Terror Of The Galaxy: The Perdition cannon produces gravitational waves which cause metallic structures within a range of several dozen kilometers to vibrate. Although the effect is harmless, it produces sound waves which can be heard even across the emptiness of space, giving the impression that it is somehow violating the laws of physics, potentially demoralizing and frightening those who are close enough to be affected by it

  • Specific Conditions: As the effects of the weapon tend to scale with the size of the target, or more specifically, with the size of and amount of power being fed into the target's subsystems, requiring a certain amount of power to be already present within these systems in order to form a critical mass, ships smaller than a Star Destroyer can easily shrug off a direct hit with minimal, or no damage
  • A Mile Away: The colossal amount of power which the Perdition cannon requires, means that there is no way to hide its presence when it begins to charge up, with sensors being capable of detecting it from huge distances of up to several solar systems away
  • Slow And Steady: Charging up the weapon requires a significant amount of time, the cannon having an extremely long recharge time and consequently, an extremely low rate of fire, even when compared to weapons such as proton beam cannons of similar size
  • Kicks Like A Bantha: The Perdition cannon has such an immensely powerful recoil, that even a Super Star Destroyer is violently shoved back each time it fires, requiring the ship to be realigned after each shot

Conceived by the most brilliant minds of the Eternal Empire's vast military-industrial complex and developed under the utmost secrecy over a period spanning more than a decade, the KC-6M303 'Perdition' Full-Spectrum Array Cannon is Karavin Concern's magnum opus, the most powerful, advanced and exotic weapon system the conglomerate has ever produced. It is an extremely expensive and complex piece of technology, making use of esoteric laws of physics and the special properties of obscure materials which are extremely rare.

The bleeding edge of Imperial technology and a seeming demonstration of its power and mastery over the very fabric of the universe, the F-SpAr Cannon is an engine of destruction capable of inflicting catastrophic damage against the right target, although it is a highly specialized weapon system developed and optimized for the exclusive use against large capital and supercapital ships and incapable of inflicting any serious damage upon a smaller target due to its nature and the way it functions.

The weapon utilizes Hypermatter as its ammunition, or rather a highly modified form of it, who's properties are altered by the various component systems of the cannon. In effect, it functions by destabilizing the energy contained within a target's subsystems, such as hyperdrives, reactors or even shield generators, although the scale of these effects depends greatly on the size of these subsystems and the amount of power being cycled through them at the moment of impact with the weapon's beam of Conditioned Tachyons. This essentially means that, while the damage being inflicted can potentially scale up with a target's size, sometimes with catastrophic results, smaller targets, equipped with less powerful systems will easily shrug off even a direct hit from this weapon, with minimal or no damage at all, except perhaps, a few errors thrown up by internal sensor readings, as their subsystems will not be channeling sufficient power to form the critical mass required by the weapon. The exact threshold is unknown, due to the amount of variety in subsystem designs employed throughout the galaxy, but ships at the size of, or smaller than a Star Destroyer will almost never suffer significant damage.

Due to its immense power requirements, there is no known way to conceal the buildup of energy as the weapon charges, a slow process which can be detected from long distances, up to several solar systems away, by most modern military sensors. Additionally, the weapon inflicts a tremendous recoil upon firing, violently shoving anything it is attached to, even a ship as massive as the Super Star Destroyer it was designed to be fitted on, requiring realignment after each shot, as well as proper bracing procedures to be carried out by the crew.

An unintended side effect of this weapon, are the gravitational waves which it produces, which cause metallic objects within a radius of several dozen kilometers to vibrate and produce sound, appearing to break the laws of physics to those unfamiliar with gravitational waves and how the weapon functions. This can have a significant psychological impact upon enemy forces and this, along with the significant range of the weapon, give it several additional benefits in combat.

Costing a vast amount of resources, effort and research to develop and produce, the 6M303 F-SpAr cannon is a highly specialized and extremely advanced piece of technology which stands as a testament of the Eternal Empire's capabilities. In the hands of the right officer and when deployed against the right target, it can prove to be an extraordinarily effective and devastating weapon.

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Darth Tacitus Darth Tacitus

Thank you for your patience. As you can imagine - Things are fairly hectic at the moment but I will endeavor to have this handled in a timely manner.

Now to the Submission:
This submission simply takes things already existing in the Star Wars universe and puts a new spin on it, based on esoteric and highly speculative science such as altering the properties of particles, partly to add some unique flavor to it and partly to insure that it can not be misused and turned into a superweapon. The reason I am making this argument is that I believe that if the fluff which makes it unique simply had not been included, this submission would have likely been approved without issues.
This tells me that you already know what the primary issue is. In an effort to make the submission more unique/exciting you've actually traversed into a territory that the Factory cannot allow. Below are the issues as follows:

1.) Intent/Superweapon: The components utilized in this submission do not support the intended effect. Not from a functional standpoint and not from a written/fluff standpoint. EMP weapons are 100% doable, however, nothing in Star Wars Canon supports the use of hypermatter/tachyons in this way. In fact, it is most commonly used to emphasize/represent/suggest some sort of "speed/fuel/hyperspace activity" being introduced.

Now, I'm not going to argue the specific science of a tachyon here. Even the Wiki States this is a "hypothetical particle" and in no way shape or form am I skilled enough in physics to run down that rabbit hole with you. What I can do, is tell you that Canon does not support them being used in this way. The combination of things/descriptions you have going here would not work as a simple EMP with Canon in mind. What if it explodes? If all that Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Tachyons are let loose?

You have a Superweapon.

So - Best question. What can you do about it?

Tachyons and a nod to "Conditioned Tachyons" are the first big problem. Why? Because they canonically have very little to do with what you're trying to use it for. Solution? Create your own particle in the Factory to facilitate your needs with a specific purpose. I'm not saying to just create a tachyon with a different name or we'll be right back to square one. Create a new fuel/amunition/nanotech source, or, use an alternative that does not inherently have the destructive nature of hypermatter/dark energy/dark matter. If the intent of this submission is actually as you stated in your 2nd Chance request [an EMP gun with added flavor] then the change should be easily acceptable, though, it will take some work on your part to get it done.

2.) Dark Energy: This was used to create the Starkiller Base Superweapon. So, the only known Canon use of this was quintessence. And the only use involved destroying entire systems. It's not the science I'm debating-It's the fact that there is nothing in our Canon supporting that Dark Energy was used in the way you've depicted.

3.) Cronau Radiation: We can detect it but there's zero evidence of being able to collect it via a gravitational field, and even if it did, via handwavium, there's zero evidence that it would aid in containing these particles.

4.) Particles Becoming Similar to Dark Matter: You state that the particles now share properties with Dark Matter, however, as far as Star Wars is concerned that presents a whole other issue. Dark Matter is linked to Dark Energy via the creation of quintessence as seen here. We already know why quintessence is bad. But for Dark Matter - Per the Wookie, "Exposing dark matter to normal matter would be cataclysmic. It would create a black hole, swallowing Tython in a heartbeat. The rest of the system too."

5.) The Big Bang:

There, it is subjected to an intense bombardment of Dark Energy at pressure and temperature levels comparable to conditions found in the universe roughly three hundred seconds after the Big Bang,
Yes. There is a wacky IRL company out there that managed to produce this by accident but we aren't going into that here. Sure, quarks and photons could withstand it but your ship? No. No amount of Phrik will spare you that and Quantum-crystalline Armor is banned. It's also fluff, not needed, and depending on what you plan to do with the particle - Wholly unnecessary.

6.) Gravity: You have a lot of elements here that produce gravitational effects or use gravity to achieve a certain effect. They seem to contradict each other or present issues. You have four Isotope-5 reactors that are said to create a lot of gravitational/electromagnetic warping. Part of your particle containment process involves keeping radiation together with a gravitational field, then, when the weapon itself fires it releases gravitational waves that are strong enough to make metal vibrate loud enough to be heard through the expanse of space. How does all this occur and not have detrimental effects on the ship it gets mounted to?

7.) Small Ship, Safe Ship?

Weaknesses said:
Specific Conditions:
As the effects of the weapon tend to scale with the size of the target, or more specifically, with the size of and amount of power being fed into the target's subsystems, requiring a certain amount of power to be already present within these systems in order to form a critical mass, ships smaller than a Star Destroyer can easily shrug off a direct hit with minimal, or no damage.
I can see what you're going for and I appreciate the creativity behind it - But it doesn't really make much sense. A ship is a ship. Power is power. Energy and matter are two sides of the same coin. If this beam hits a ship, big or small, the effects should really be the same unless there's something specific to the ammunition/beam that creates this effect. The reason? They all have electricity/energy running through them. The "minimum" amount required isn't really dictated by anything in the creation of the weapon or the conditioned particles that no one knows anything about.

That's all. I realize that this is a lot to look over, but, it's worth the effort to review it piece by piece. In the end? My suggestion would be to remove the language, some of which I mentioned, that you know creates an environment for a Superweapon. I do see that you tried, initially, to do that. I'm thankful for your efforts but a rework will be required to bring this up to speed.

Creating your own specific particle/ammunition/nanotech and refining the process/wording will allow you to have the effect you're looking for without crossing the line in the Factory. If this is unclear or if you're ready for me to take another pass - Please tag me.

Thank you for your time!
Darth Tacitus Darth Tacitus

I know you're having some difficulty, which is fine, but if I don't hear from you in a day or so I'll Archive this sub until you feel ready and able to pick it up again.

If alternatively you'd like to leave it Archived and start from scratch just remember the 2nd Chance rules.
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