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Kage CC-743

NAME: Kage CC-743​
FACTION: Rebel Alliance​
RANK: Shadow Leader​
Vong-shaped Fett Clone (Kratos Recipient.)​
Twenty, but frozen for around 900 years.​
Six foot even.​
Two Hundred pounds.​
Dark Blue​
Same as any other Fett Clone.​
Not at all.​
Melee for none: Kage has no ability with blades.​
Physically frail(er): Kage was trained as a pilot, not a ground trooper. He's much more prone to damage outside the hull of his ship of any kind.​
Quick learner- Kage is completely fine with learning new technology. He can grab a hold of something he doesn't know, and learn it in anywhere from a day for simple things to a week for complicated machinery. On top of that he's a skilled slicer. Computers are just as much of a puzzle as a new ship.​
Ace- Kage is a skilled pilot due to the strict training he got during his training period and first hand experience during the Clone Wars.​
Gunslinger: Kage uses pistols with expert skills. Trick shots are not above him.​
Kage looks like any other Fett clone save for his eyes and his hair. His eyes are a genetic mutation from the cloning process, and his hair was chosen to make him different from other clones.​
Kage was born in a tube like all other Fett clones. But he was sent directly to pilot training instead of combat. He was a quick study, learning what he could and focusing on the simulations. He kept his distance from the other clones. Quiet and focused.​
During his training he was also set to slicing. He couldn't shoot, but if he was knocked out of the sky he could at least hack his way back to base.​
He was set to Burner Squadron. They were a spec ops starfighter squadron focused on surgical strikes against CIS droid capitol ships. Swoop in, hit important targets, get out of range of counter fire quick as can be. Kage proved to be good at this, gaining his nickname after one attack in which his ship was reported as a shadow from the CIS capitol ship Reaver.​
After years of doing this Kage was transferred. He was set to pilot LAAT Gunships to ex-fill spec op squads on the ground. His first and last assignment as a LAAT pilot was for Fox squad. They were sent to investigate the freighter Abounding. On his flight in to pick them up his ship was set upon by spider like droids. He was ripped out of the pilot seat and his ship was destroyed.​
Similar to the Fox Squads fate, he was frozen in carbonite. Nine hundred years passed before he was thawed and dropped on the upper levels of Coruscant. Blind, dazed, and confused the pilot pulls himself out of the escape pod into a new time and a new setting, unsure on where to go next.​

Texam Halion

Good story. Would love to meet some clones, now that I think about it..... ;)

Jackpot Tal'Verda

BROTHERS! *hug- I mean, manly hugs* @[member="Galaar CC-252"] @[member="Kage CC-743"]

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
Please, don't touch the boys. They're all a little soft in the head. The Nova ladies are fully developed though.

@[member="CC-777 Jackpot"]
@[member="Galaar CC-252"]
@[member="Lexa Kimene"]
@[member="Texam Halion"]

Texam Halion

That's not a very supportive thing to say. They appear to be capable of independent thought to me. And besides, I only want to meet them. I'm a Mandalorian. I've got my pride...

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
They're all my kids, therefore, their heads are all still soft. To a point. If you're Mando you'll get on just fine with 90% of the Dread Guard anyway.

@[member="Texam Halion"]

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
As long as there's blood, I'll be proud! xD @[member="T:N1:LDR"]

I am, they're all soft headed and they don't do very well with the civs. That and they keep forgetting to close their pages on the holonet....I've seen some things. Some terrible things. @[member="Texam Halion"]