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Just checking in..


New Member
Hey all. I have been looking for a good place to RP for awhile now. I first started looking on RP Forums for SWTOR but never quite found a good group. Stumbled across this site yesterday and am very eager to get involved here. I have not RP'd in a long time, so patience please ;). I have looked through the rules and some of the new joins info. Anyone care to help the new guy out? I'm still not sure where to start other than making a character bio.



Welcome to Chaos :) We all know what it is like to be new so if you have any questions ask.
Except about the smell
We don't talk about the smell...


The Croke
I'm just gonna say hello and welcome, being relatively new myself I won't try to sway you towards a faction.

Though, I will say... enjoy the kool-aid