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The Rovagug
~ The Sith Empire ~
What is the Sith Empire?
The Sith Empire is a Totalitarian Magocratic Theocracy Empire ruled by the military elite and the sacred Order of the Sith, who value strength and intellect above all else. This Empire spans across thousands of star systems throughout the Mid Rim, Outer Rim, and the Tingle Arm, and bolsters an impressive army and navy filled with individuals who are staunch protectors of the Imperial ideals. Created many decades ago as a federation of independent Sith ruled states the Empire has grown mighty since it's inception and has become one of the largest nations in the Galaxy as we know it, rivaling the Republic and the Protectorate. Over the years the Empire has seen many leaders come and go, from the idealistic Sith known as the Darth Sidic, who brought together the Sith states under one banner, to the current Emperor of the Sith, Kaine Zambrano. Each has had their own method to ruling this mighty Empire, each one further shaping the future of the Empire for better or for worse.

What does the Sith Empire want, and what is it like within it's borders?
The goal of the Empire is to ultimately unite the entirety of the galaxy into one Galactic nation founded by order, stability, and military might. Life inside Imperial borders is strict, and well-ordered through the machinations of the current Sith Emperor to monitor and regulate nearly every aspect of civilian life in a grand attempt to create the ordered utopian society envisioned by the Sith. While Imperial life is strict, civilians are given every opportunity to aspire in the Empire through multiple methods, and even those that break Imperial law are given a chance to prove their worth via the para-military group known as the Incarceration Corps. No potential goes wasted, and many civilians are encouraged to aspire to become a cog in the Imperial war-machine, or a crucial part of the infrastructure of the Empire through the Ministries.

What are the Ministries?
The Ministries are organizations that operate certain aspects of the Empire, and there are six in total. To learn more about these Ministries, click the link below!

Link ---> Imperial Ministries

That's cool and all, but what about the Imperial Military?
There are numerous ways an Imperial citizen can better his existence by serving in the Imperial Military! To see a full list of the composition and ranks of the Imperial war-machine, click the links below.

Links ---> Military Ranks : Military Composition

Now what can an individual do if he or she is discovered to be force sensitive?
Any and all force sensitives, no matter the age, race, or gender, are to be immediately sent to your local Department of Sith Selection. There they will be put through basic testing to see if, one; they qualify to even begin training, and two; to determine where they will be sent to receive Sith training. We have many wonderful academies established throughout the Empire, such as the ones on Korriban, Ziost, Bastion, Dantooine, and Lianna just to name a few. Through our vicious training programs, the weak will be culled from the classes as they progress, leaving only the strongest Sith remaining to officially enter the Order. They will then engage in their own personal training, gain the favor of a Sith Knight or Master, and eventually aspire to grow in strength and power.

In relation to the rest of the Empire, are the Sith treated differently than the non-Sith?
In a way, yes. It is the birthright of a Sith to rule over the weak, but in order for a Sith to actually rule over anything they have to prove themselves worthy. One can not simple just command the Force and expect themselves to rule over all that they see, for they must first exhibit the qualities of a leading Sith to gain the respect of those you wish to one day rule. A low-ranking Sith has no pull anywhere in the Imperial Military, but as a Sith continues to progress through his training he can one day hope to become one of the fabled Sith Masters have the command of thousands at their fingertips. However; in order for a Sith to even hope to become a Master, they must not only be powerful in body and in the force, but in the mind as well. Intelligence and cunning is a quality required for a Sith to be successful and get anywhere in the Empire.

This sounds pretty incredible, but where do I sign up for the Empire?
Why, right here of course! ---> The Sith Empire

There you can find everything you need to know about joining the Imperial War-machine, and fighting for order and stability to create a better tomorrow for everyone.
(Except the enemies of the Empire, especially the Jedi who will face a fiery death at the hands of the Sith and will burn in Hell for all eternity.)

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask them below.

Also, here's a tl;dr version for all of you lazy twats nice people.
The Empire is good, the Empire is great.
Make more non-force sensitive military characters, and let:

Or I'll break your legs.

Darth Vazela

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