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  • Name of Cultural Practice/Game: Jawa Tossing
  • Nature of Cultural Practice/Game: Jawa tossing is a cantina/bar attraction in which jawas are thrown onto the floor or against walls. More civilised locations provide appropriate padding of hard surfaces. Participants compete to throw the jawa the farthest. A related, derived practiced activity is jawa bowling, in which a jawa is placed placed on a hoverboard and used as a bowling ball.
  • Origin: Jawa Tossing was invented by the Gamorreans Afruk and Nashuf, cantina patrons in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, upon seeing an obnoxious jawa thrown through the room by a guest it had been harassing.
  • Prevalence: From Tatooine, the game of Jawa Tossing spread throughout the southern Outer Rim, though its practice is limited on most planets by a lack of available jawas. Attempts to substitute other species have predominantly resulted in failure as none are as suitable for tossing, or provoke quite the same urge, as the jawas.
  • Legal Status: The practice is prevalent largely on planets that have other worries. However, legislators on some more civilised worlds have introduced a preventative ban on the grounds that a jawa's capacity to give informed consent to being tossed is doubtful. Not that consent usually enters into the picture.
  • Miscellaneous: The original 'victim', a jawa named Akkik, has made quite some money by procuring suitable padding and renting himself out to be tossed without making a fuss about it, thus making the pastime accessible to people with marginally more refined sensibilities and consciences than the original Gamorreans.