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Invasion Planing

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
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So we're invading the Fringe. Our first target is going to be Kayri; a relatively unimportant planet, but we're attacking there for a few reasons;
  • To send a message to the Fringe that wanton aggression and violence won't be tolerated
  • To set up a staging ground for future invasions if necessary
  • To minimize unnecessary civilian casualties
Here's the set up so far;

The Lords of the Fringe have cut a swathe through the Unknown Regions, and their eyes turn to civilized space. The Omega Protectorate, battered and tired from war with the Bando Gora, is all that stands between the horde and the vulnerable Core. But after innumerable aggressions from the Fringe Confederation, the Protectorate has mobilized its forces for a strike on the Fringe world of Kayri. If they succeed, the Fringe's route to the Deep Core will be severed.

While a massive fleet battle rages through the star system, three crucial points will be contested.

1 ) A space station in high orbit, controlling and coordinating the system's large-scale defenses.
2 ) A starport in the capital city.
3 ) An underground power generator, crucial to the capital city's defenses.

Each player may have up to two characters working towards, and present at, each objective.

Objective 1:

The space station objective can be approached through both PVP and fleeting. Each faction may have a maximum of three fleets present. Reinforcements may not be drawn from the background noise fleet battle elsewhere in the system. We are testing a 'formation rule' rather than a 'metres rule,' and fleeters are encouraged to make their descriptions primarily in terms of formations, movements, and decisions, with numbers as supporting details only. Each fleet will be of the following size:

OP – A fleet is two full battle groups, for a total of one command ship, two Star Destroyers, two Light Star Destroyers, four Heavy Cruisers, eight Cruisers, sixteen Frigates, and twenty-eight Corvettes.

Fringe – Each Fringe fleet will comprise one command ship (Lanyard-class, or a unique vessel), two Permanence-class battleships, eight Deathhead-class heavy cruisers, eight Predator-class cruisers, sixteen Renown-class frigates, and twenty-eight Adara-class corvettes.

A fleeter may choose to substitute a shieldship for one of his or her full-sized Star Destroyers.

PVP victory within the station may be enough to turn the tables in the fleet battle; likewise, the fleet battle may endanger or affect characters present within the station. If one side or the other finds itself in a position to destroy the station, PCs should be prepared to evacuate, be maimed, or die. The station is not sufficient to fend off an enemy fleet alone.

Objective 2:

The starport is part civilian, part industrial, and part military. Major points of interest include the traffic control tower near the north gate. Ground armies, including walkers and tanks, will be involved in this fight as background noise only. The starport is a PVP objective. Individual tanks, walkers, and starfighters, as well as small units of infantry, may be used as support by PCs. An appropriate engagement might be a Sith Master against a trooper in a fast battle walker. An inappropriate engagement might be a Sith Master calling in a wing of fighters for an air strike while his enemy gathers ten tanks for a counterattack. Please keep the scale small and do not spawn armies on your opponents.

Also, note that since Kayri has history as a Charon colony, a high-security vault near the south gate contains a working Charon hyperdrive, capable of jumping to Otherspace.

Objective 3:

The underground power generator is defended by a choke point of solid stone. Getting around this choke point is not possible; nor is destroying the generator or opening up access to it with an air strike. The choke point is a granite spiral staircase, turning clockwise as an attacker descends it. It makes four complete revolutions. The staircase is wide enough to fit two combatants side by side. It is not ventilated. Turadium blast doors, moderately lightsabre-resistant, are located at the top and bottom of the staircase. This objective is pure PVP in very close quarters. Squads of NPCs are not appropriate.


So thoughts?

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
Ayden Cater said:
a high-security vault near the south gate contains a working Charon hyperdrive, capable of jumping to Otherspace.
THAT needs to be destroyed,I'll lead the Pyre on a raid on the Starport with the intentions of capturing it and destroying the hyperdrive or capturing it,if necessary.

Ven'Rain Sekairo said:
I call generator! Sounds wonderful
You'll want this @[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"]

Nephenee Wilded

@[member="Ayden Cater"]

I'll go wherever you send me to. Or stick with you since Nephenee is so new to the big battlefield scene.

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Noah Corek"]

No no. Nothing like that. We're just gonna do an Invasion. A little ways down the road, they'll do their own invasion. It's all just a play to get some activity up in our respective factions.

So far, this looks like the breakdown

Obj. 1: Space Action
Ayden (Fleet)
Jonathon Walsh (Fleet)
Oliver Walsh (Fleet)
No boarders

Obj. 2: Spaceport/City
Noah Corek
Ventasia Terana

Obj. 3: Generator
Ven'Rain Sekairo
Nephenee Wilded

From the talk I had with Ashin, that's roughly the same set up the Fringe has for the objectives. I think they've got a few more in the city, but I think we're pretty good.

Incidentally, for the fleeters, remember that we're rolling with a full fleet. That's two battle groups. All told, each of us will be in charge of about 30,000 meters of ship. This will probably be the first truly massive fleet battle. If you have questions, PM me here or on Skype.