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The Black Flame
This topic is so that everyone can introduce themselves to the faction! Tell us a little about your character, why you joined and if you want share a little about yourself.​
My Character is:​
A little about my Character:​
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire:​
A little about Myself:​
The Black Flame
My Character is: Ronin Fel​
A little about my Character:​
Ronin Fel is a great leader and he started the Empire so he could leave behind a great legacy that people would remember for thousands of years. He wants the Fel Empire to succeed so that his families legacy will live on!​
Why I decided to create the Fel Empire:​
I wanted a new faction that opened up loads of new story opportunities for us all! Me and another writer decided that the Fel Empire is full of rich lore that would be interesting to explore and thus, the faction was born!​
A little about Myself:​
My name is Corey and I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, Star Trek is also a big one of mine. I started RPing about 3 years ago when I found a nation RP site where you controlled the entirety of a RL nation. From there I quickly moved onto a site called Roleplay Gateway where I participated in my first story driven RP called "The Will to Survive". It was during that RP that I realized that I loved the fun and creativity that RPing allowed and it showed through that RP after the Game Moderator fell into inactivity and I took up the rings as making the main storyline for the RP. In the end I created three additional RPs based off the original and each was played by multiple writers and it was great fun.​
Now I am on here and have been for quite sometime under multiple different characters. I helped extensive in the upstart of the CIS and I can't wait to get my own faction up and running.​

Veino Garn

My character is Veino Garn, a Jensaarai Apprentice who has yet to complete his training, but won't go to the Jedi for help due to ancient tension between the Orders. Currently, he's on a personal quest of discovery across the galaxy.

Joined to find more RP opportunities and hopefully some teachers of the Force.
New Killer Star
I've got Jared Starchaser, he's got a rich backstory that will be more fun to develop within the role-play. Father was a son of a Jedi Sentinel, who joined the Empire, followed a path that brought them to the Fel Empire. He's a pilot with a gift, and something to prove as his father was a playboy hotshot.

I had the aforementioned father character in an old D20 group (so I'll be watching my story and linking it properly) and we started moving towards a Fel Empire style when I created Jared, that group disbanded, and I really want to try this muse out.

I'm Corey (another one). Star Wars and Stephen King are my favorite pieces of fiction, so I do write my characters a little different. I'm an environmental scientist living in Florida, so when I'm not in a GFFA, I'm on the water, or at the beach, a hard life to live :p

Veino Garn

Indeed. :p
A very hard life to live.

I'm actually going to be attending a school on environmental science this upcoming semester. In Wisconsin, rather than Florida. No sunny beaches for me.

The Hound

Vahl Calls For Her Hound
Turin Val Kur
My Character is: Turin Val Kur and assorted Val Kurs
A little about my Character:
Turin is currently wanted by the Republic Military after he damaged Republic property, injured two superiors, and killed several Military personel in a desperate attempt to rescue someone dear. After failing he was on the run as he attempted to figure out his life. He served as a Knight in the Imperial Remnant before it was eaten from the inside by infighting and eventually a Sith assault on Bastion. After that he wandered for a while before being approached by the Silent Conclave. After he hears about the Fels coming back he decides to return to his family's roots and serve under the Fel Empire
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire:
Been looking for a place to put him and get active with him again.
A little about Myself:
I have a lot of alts, most of the Mandalorians. Turin is the one FU that I have that I like and use as a FU.
My name is Meta. Jedi Padawan of the order. I joined because I followed the same ideals as the Fel empire, in regards to their beliefs surrounding the force. Meta is a complex character, a twisted past and a anger problem. There is continuous conflict in him and he stresses his master dearly. Due to his augmentations many jedi and sith alike aren't a match for him. Even in his padawan stage.


Phoenix Legion's General
My Character is: Zrash'Toul'Frusku​
A little about my Character: Zrashtoul hails from Csilla. He graduated from a Chiss Naval Academy and served for three years before resigning upon his father's death and his inhertiance of the family estate and wealth. Since then he has left Csilla and became a Military and Political backer of the new Fel Empire. Zrash now wishes to serve in the Fel Navy and be commisoned a ship by their leader if ever given the chance.​
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: Zrash, unlike most Chiss, has more moderate beliefs and ideals more suited in the Fel Empire. He has a belief in the greater good and believes a singular leader could bring about aid to Galaxy more efficently than Senate, Collective, or the like.​
A little about Myself: Welp. I'm a roleplayer with a love of Star Wars. ^^ That is all for now~​
Just another face.
@[member="Ronin Fel"]
48 more Chiss needed, ya noob.

My Character is: Vad'avi'nuruodo, but you can call him Davin. Oh yeah, he's a descendant of Thrawn.
A little about my Character: Being of the Nuruodo family, Davin was a born military officer. Trained since he was just a wee boy, he's been commanding fleets and armies ever since he could remember. He left the Chiss Ascendancy as the Atrisians were invading and found himself in the Sith Empire.
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: Davin deserted the Imperial Navy because he disliked the new regime's ways. He despises unnecessary deaths and genocide, enslavement, and the like. He's pretty honorable and left the Empire as soon as he could to join the Fels.
A little about Myself: My main character is Darth Arcis, who happens to be my Roleplay Judge account here on SWRP: Chaos. As for RL stuff, I'm 16 years old and currently am attending High School. I'm in US Army JROTC and the Marching Band and hope to one day become an Officer in the US Army.

Luther Fel

My Character is: Luther Fel, haven't you heard of me?
A little about my Character: I'm the Prince of you knaves, so pay the proper respects!
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: I was born into this Empire, scrubs.
A little about Myself: Why do you need to know? Go fetch me some wine.


My Character is: Zrs'fes, the brilliant Verpine Scientist.
A little about my Character: A genius when it comes to science, awful at combat and overall an awesome bug to be around.
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: Because even the Fel Imperium needs a Chief Executive of teh Sciences.
A little about Myself: I dunno. Now gimme some science stuff to do.


Like Lightning
My Character is: Xander "X" Carrick
A little about my Character: "Wondering proclaimed Jedi, Prodigy of Lightsaber combat, very smart, memory loss of family and is in need of friends and allies."
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: "I wanted to join because the Jedi are too close to the light, Sith to far in the darkness. and the Imperium seems to be straight in the center using force as a tool rather than an advantage."
A little about Myself: I do not understand what you are asking?


Like Lightning
@[member="Ronin Fel"] Thank you. I hope that I will be able to help out around here.

Atlas Kane

My Character is: Yasuo
A little about my Character: ''Playing flute, drinking, Lightsaber duels, calm and peaceful places are all things I can't resist''
Why I decided to join the Fel Empire: ''Because the Jedi stopped being what they once were and the Imperial Knights looked like they were much more like the ones I hoped they were when I heard about the Jedi from my father.''
A little about Myself: Just a crazy guy who also writes Zrs'fes