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Professor of Alchemy
Go ahead an introduce yourself! You can say whatever you'd like, but I think everyone should start with the following template.

Character Philosophy(If any)
Student/Post-Grad Student/Faculty
I'm looking to learn/teach this class(es)
Personal Blurb

Sith-ish(not devout)
Looking to teach Alchemy
Mur is a professor, taking a job that fit him much more than the Sith Empire. He enjoys his research, but also enjoys helping students to succeed. I(the writer) enjoy writing alchemy and have for years, and am currently an engineering student.

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Character Philosophy:
  • Lawful Neutral: Believe there should be a natural set of rights that allow a person the freedom to choose their life as well as stem off the tides of Chaos.
  • Faculty
  • Intro to Galactic Economics (ECN 101)
  • Intro to Galactic Politics (PSC 115)
  • Intro to Force Philosophy (FOR 150)
  • Intro to Biology (BIO 101)
  • Intro to Biology Lab (BIO 102)

Personal Blurb:
  • Hello, I have had a long researching career with learning all things Force Users. Mainly due to my youth being a Force Hunter, but mostly later as an Archeologist. Through my years I have accumulated many years of understanding much, but not nearly enough as I would like. Personally I graduated from the Anaxus Military Academy with a PhD in Galactic Medicine in over 64 Sentient Species, as well as a MD in Galactic History and later in Galactic Management and Economics from Commenor Royal Academy. During my time traveling, I explored the ruins of the Jensaarai Enclave, engaged with Debates with the Dia Bendu, and even explored the old ruins of the Jedaii Temples before they were resettled. I have spend nearly all my adult life understanding the Force and what it is without being one connected to it. I even created a company with cause to learn as much as I can about the mysteries of the Force. I have also combated with many Force Users and am avalible for sparing if another Teacher requires help.

Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
Character Philosophy: Corellian Jedi (Old Republic)

Post-Grad Student/Faculty

I'm looking to learn: Ph.D. in Computer Science (Ionize / Mechu-deru)

I'm looking teach:
  • Force Physics (Telekinesis)
  • Cosmology (Instinctive Astrogation)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering and Programming
  • Robotics

Personal Blurb (Insert Negi Springfield memes here)
Sor-Jan was previously roleplayed as a Professor of History for the Jedi Academy Network (Yavin 4 Jedi Academy) as well as a Professor of Engineering for the Levantine Astronautical Academy. He's originally from the Old Republic Era, which is why he's shied away from the modern Jedi Orders even though he continues to regard himself as Jedi.


Professor of Alchemy
Welcome [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] and [member="Sor-Jan Xantha"]. If either of y'all know me on Discord(I wrote Jaxton Ravos and Valik in the past) go ahead and add me, and I'll get us a channel going.
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Character Philosophy: Witch


I'm looking to teach:
  • CH 101 Intro to chemistry
  • CH 102 Intro to chemistry lab
  • CH 301 Physical chemistry
  • FOR 342 Mental data transfer (Memory Rub, Drain Knowledge)
  • FOR 523 Advanced offensive mentalism (Neural Storm, Memory Walk, Force-horror/insanity)
Personal Blurb: Janick regularly trained alchemists in both potion and material alchemy, and also pioneered the use of mental data transfer (Memory Rub, Drain Knowledge) for more benevolent uses than these powers have been historically been used for, typically presenting Memory Rub and Drain Knowledge to past mental data transfer students as teaching and learning aids respectively. She is also looking to teach more advanced mentalism courses that she feels should be made more readily available. In addition, she is a strong proponent of teaching would-be alchemists at least some chemical knowledge at the same time as they are learning alchemy.
Bombshell Genius
Character Philosophy: Jedi; she typically sees the Force as quantized, that is, spirit ichor are individually present in discrete, microscopic quantities and in a wide array of varieties; to her, the will of the Force is, due to the postulates of quantum mechanics, nothing more than a perfect random number generator, with the Force rolling the dice at every turn.


I'm looking to teach:
  • FOR533: Force-blinding, Force-light
  • MA441 (Also FOR441): Introduction to topology; Instinctive Astrogation Control
  • PHY466: Introduction to quantum mechanics
  • PHY566: Advanced quantum mechanics
  • PHY567: Quantum field theory
Personal Blurb: Jessica, having lived out until mid-thirties as a secret Force-sensitive thanks to a false-negative in childhood, has accumulated a wealth of arcane scientific knowledge that few other Jedi her age would even dream of, much less actually possess, and applied at least part of it to the study of the Force; she is today known for the quantum theory of the Force, among other realizations that are mostly unrelated to Force-scholarship. As a result, Jessica may be able to help out other students in other areas if requested, such as thermokinesis, but she has her main areas of concentration.